negligent staff

Hi All,

I've been chatting with my MacMillan nurse regarding this issue and I was wondering if any of you ladies would be kind enough to offer me some advice.

Ok, so I was invited back to the hospital on 26th April to receive the results from my colposcopy, biopsy and Lletz procedure. I knew it was cancer before I arrived there. Upon attending the consultants office I was told to undress into a gown.  I then said I'm not here for a smear, I'm here for my results, and the consultant respond - very abruptly "no you're not, you're here for a smear".  I then told her, again, that I wasn't here for a smear but that I was there for my results and that I had the letter in my bag.  She then turned around and just said "will you just get undressed".  At thispoint I was mortified as I was still on my period  (not heavy) but it is still embarrsing to say the least.  Anyway - after numerous backwards/forwards I got undressed and proceded to have the "smear".  it was only when the consultant went to type my details into the computer that she realised she had the wrong patient!  As you can imagine - I was furious - and not once did she apologise!!!!  She then turned around to tell the othert staff to leave the room.  I then got dressed, she gave me my results (cancer) and I was then ushered into all the other departments that you go to.  This has been playing on my mind since I was diagnosed.  I've talked this over with my MacMillan nurser who says it should be reported.  A part of me wants to - but another part says "they're only human" and we all make mistakes.  The thing that makes me mad is that she wouldn't listen to me at the beginning.  had she done this and read my letter she would have realised and I wouldn't have been put through a very embarrsing smear!


What would you guys do?

I would drop it. I don't suppose it happens every day. As you say, we are all human and we all make mistakes. From what I read on here I think that it is far more common for the staff to be dealing with stroppy self-important patients all day than the other way around. Cut her some slack :-) You have more important things to be dwelling on right now.

Good luck with your treatment! :-)

Be lucky :-)

That's just terrible but if it was me I would just put my mind on getting myself better u have a lot to deal with now without that on top of it too, that's just my opinion, I'm very sorry to hear your news and wishing you the very best of luck, 

Mandy xxx

Thanks Tivoli, that was my opinion, "we are all human".  i hope she does change her "bed side manner" though - as this does leave a lot to be desired to say the least.  She wasnt the most caring person, given the fact she had just messed up and had to tell me I had cancer - she was very rude TBH!  Hoepfully our paths will never cross again

Thanks Mandy.  That was my opinion.  but like i've said - she was very rude.  She wasnt at all caring, or sorry.  The only way i would describe her is cold!  I hope our paths will never cross again - LOL.  Thank you for your wishes, I'm booked in for surgery for next week xxxxx

Hopefully they won't, it costs nothing to be nice can't understand someone to be so cold In a job like that as the ladies that have to go in there to do anything are so nervous and afraid, but look hopefully you won't have to deal with her again, hope ur surgery goes good for you next week will be thinking and praying for u xxxx 

I would email/write a letter to her supervisor or the head of her department.  Failing that, I would write to the hospital complaints department. I would say that she did not check your details and confused you with another patient. I would then say that because of this, you had to undergo an unnecessary and invasive procedure that you did not need. I would add that when you tried to bring it to her attention she was abrupt and rude. I would close by saying that your reason for writing was to ensure that this didn't happen to someone else with perhaps worse consequences and so that they can ensure their protocols are adequate.

I know she's only human, but a pretty damn huge part of her job is knowing who the hell is standing in front of her.  If she can't get tht right she should do something less demanding. I live in the States and trust me, people would sue.  What if she insisted on giving you an injection not meant for you etc etc.  Very dangerous. She might be Miss Sloppy for all you know.

We English don't complain enough, which is why we get crappy service from stroppy unpleasant people. This is a tough time and people should treat you with respect, compassion and dignity. If they can't do that they're in the wrong job.

I don't know about you, but I feel better having written that!

Hope all goes well with your treatment.

love t xx

Thanks Teresa.  My MacMillan nurse is going to write them a letter, as she says, she should be made aware of her actions and hopefully it wont happen again.  I think the least she could have said was "sorry", but she didnt even do that!  The more I think about it - the more upset I become- because the whole thing was a mess, and then being told you have cancer, from this same woman, who showed no compassion - my blood boils.  i'm going to leave it to the MacMillan nurse and the PALS team at the hospital. xxxxx


I'm sorry but I would complain. How dare this woman treat you or anyone like this!! Yes she is only human but she is in a position of trust with basically your welll being in her hands. Something needs to be done about this. Being told you have cancer is deveststing in itself without you being made to feel small & unimportant. 

In any career/job you leave your problems outside the door before you start your day, not inflict it on anyone else. As Teresa said she could make a worse mistake than this, ( & this is bad enough) plus we don't complain enough. If putting an official complaint in stops someone else having the same treatment then it is worth it in my book. So sorry you had such a shitty  unprofessional doctor : (

Sending you a big hug my lovely, 

Flo xx 



Thank you Flo. My MacMillan nurse has wrote a letter of complaint (on my behalf) and has involved the PALS team. It was the MacMillan nurse who advised me to complain. Like you said, I shouldn't have been treated this way and I hope she doesn't treat anybody else like that either.  Thanks again for your well wishes xxxx