Negative smear contradicts consultants opinion

Hi, wondering if anyone can relate to my situation or offer any advice. 

I've had a few issues over the past 2 years and been to see my gp a number of times. Bleeding after sex, random pains, but was never referred. I turned 25 in January so went for my smear test. It came back high grade cin and cgin. I had leep in February.

Had my 6 month check up smear in August where the consultant said there are abnormal cells again. He showed me on the screen, there was a patch he described as 'cobblestone', also a white ring around it. It was sooo painful as soon as he touched my cervix which was concerning, as before having the leep I was fine having smears.

I spoke to the colposcopy coordinator today as I've been waiting 3 weeks. They advised the result came back clear with no abnormality detected and they'll see me in 12 months for my next smear...

I questioned this as the consultant was certain there were abnormal cells and erosion. I could even see that it wasn't right. The coordinator put on hold while she spoke to the consultant. She then said he looked at the picture of my cervix from when I last saw him and said he'd see me in 3 months for a biopsy. 

So confused. Obviously he still thinks there's an issue but wouldn't see me sooner than 3 months. 


Has anyone else had any similar experience? I'm thinking of going private for a second opinion