Negative pap/ positive HPV

I am so lost and confused. I just heard from my doctor that after years of normal results since I started at 17, my pap was normal, but two HPV tests came back negative (I think it was 13 and 16). And the one with all the other numbers came back positive. She just suggested I come back next year and check it again?? I begged her to check me in six months, but I still don't understand what it all means. Can someone please explain it to me?

Sometimes some strains of HPV take longer to leave the body so that might be why

Hey Hun I had the same. I have done lots of research and we can rid this naturally with folic aci, zinc and high dose vitamin c and super greens. It might not deffo go but 4 in 10 it leaves after a year and 6 in 10 it's gone in 2 years. The world health organisation however say it goes in 90% of people in two years. I found out Friday and I am on a major health kick now. No more booze, immune boosting vitamins described above and exercise.