negative feelings towards your body

Does anyone have negative feelings towards their flue? I had stage 2b squamous cell cancer diagnosed last Feb, 25 x 45gy radiotherapy, 5 x chemo, cisplatin, (which it turns out I was allergic to) and 3 x 20minute brachytherapy sessions over 3 days. All clear given end of july last year and have tried to resume a normal sex life allbeit slowly but I can't get over the bad feelings towards the downstairs that has caused the grief in the first place. I'm not a talker and to everyone else I'm the same old Donna that makes inappropriate jokes about stuff of that nature but theres a whiny voice that only I hear, usually at 3 in the morning whilst I'm worrying about stuff thats way beyond my control anyway. Hubby has been very good and not pushed his luck, taken me away for the weekend, bought me saucy gifts etc but I'm still struggling with it. Will it go away? is it normal? or do I need to talk to someone? sorry for the long post.




Hi AuntieD

Sorry to hear that u r feeling this way about things. U r not alone i am also having problems dealing with this and having sex with my husband. For me it has been a year since me and my husband has had sex. My husband has been great like yours and sayes to me he knows i have been throught alot and it will take time but i get mad at myself because it is not fair to him. I pray all the time i will get pass this. It is funny that your name is Donna mine is too.:-)I feel like my body let me down and that it will again. I hope things get better for u.

thank you my lovely, hope you soon feel better about things too.

Hi auntie D

I too feel this way which is why since my diagnosis at the end of 2016 and even supposedly got the all clear(still in debate with my gps atm) I have not had a relationship. I am scared to enter in to a relationship as I fear who would want me now. I have  a long list of medical problems BEFORE diagnosis, and this is another one added that scares the hell out of people 


bless you, I do hope Dr. is wrong. Damn disease affects much more than the pelvis, the head is a funny and complicated thing. x

Hi all,

Hope you don't mind me quickly popping up here just wanted to let you know about our new blog that talks about some of the issues you've mentioned.

Hope it helps.

Very best wishes,