Negative Biopsy, Now Having Another Under GA

I really need some shared experience or something...

15 years ago I had an abnormal smear, followed by a colposcopy and punch biopsy which revealed CIN1. All further smears were normal and I went on to regular recall. Obviously much time has passed and I was surprised to get a letter inviting me for a colposcopy after my recent smear, followed by a leter telling me it had shown High Grade Dyskariosis (severe). I saw a consultant before a colposcopy was booked, on looking he said my cervix looks healthy but of course the colposcopy would tell him more. So I had the colposcopy and he said again he could see nothing and that all looked healthy, but he had took a biopsy. The biopsy came back negative and he had asked for my smear results to be rechecked but they confirmed the original results of High Grade Dyskariosis. So tomorrow I am having a cone biopsy under  general anesthetic as he wants to see if the abnormalities are higher up and expects to find CIN3.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? What I did not ask him is could they find cancer? He never mentioned it as a possibility. I am worried previous smears have missed the abnormalities with them probably being hidden high up. I am trying to take one day at a time attitude but I feel in some sort of limbo. To make matters worse I was under going fertility treatment when all of this happened. 

Any advice or experience would be great. x

I am in a similar situation right now except this is still connected to my first abnormal Pap.

I've been undergoing tests since 2015 in a conservative way (LSIL pap June 2015, repeat in 6 months, ASCUS pap Nov 2015, recommended a colpo/pap which I had Feb 2016  which showed no abnormality biopsies were clear/negative but Pap showed HSIL, repeated colpo/pap in 6 months with ECC - now into August 2016, which again showed no abnormality in the biopsies/samples (all negative/clear) but pap showing HSIL. OBGyn confused but we decided to go ahead with LEEP with a top hat which I had in Nov 2016. January 2017 I get the results - all clear/negative/no abnormality. Decide to follow up pap in 6 months which is where I am at now (waiting on June 2017 pap results).

If the pap shows HSIL again I think my next step is a cone. Everything takes so much time, it's making me crazy.

I don't have any advice but I can commiserate and I hope that your cone goes well and that he gets the margins so you can go back to fertility treatments. Best wishes!

Oh thank you for replying! You start to think you are the only one. My biopsy went to plan and he is hurrying the results through for me, I see him Wednesday for results. Though I am terrified they could find something really bad, scared that if something is high up it has been previously missed finding nothing but knowing the smear is saying yes there is something is terrifying too. He never said he could see anything, I did not ask but he said before that he would not be able to. I hope your June results come back clear, have you been given any explanation as to why the smears are giving contraditing results? Thanks for your kind wishes. 

Just to update this post. My second biopsy came back negative. Apparently this is rare but not unheard of, they re not sure why my smear showed high grade severe changes. One theory is that the cells were swept up with the smear. it has left a lot of doubt in my mind. i have to have another smear in 6 months and can carry on with my fertility treatment, if I get pregnant my smear can be delayed.