Needing supportive words and experiences - Surgery Monday

I have just been told my surgery (trachelectomy and lymph node removal) is on Monday. Less than a week. I feel all rushed and suddenly panicked when I have hoped to only need surgery all the way through. I feel silly feeling this way I just thought I would have more of a warning. Anyways - I just wanted to hear some experiences and kind words from those who have gone through the surgery and come through the other side. I know it's going to hurt and i will be in pain/discomfort for a while. But just need some friendly people to tell me how their surgery went too.


Thank you in advance



Hi there Dankle,

Oh bless you, that’s a very short timeframe, did they have a cancellation pop up?

It may feel rushed but the good thing is you’ll be well on your way to recovery and most likely be home this time next week :slight_smile:

Are you having the operation by key hole surgery?

My op was a hysterectomy via open abdominal incision so a bit more invasive, and I got though it just fine. I’ll admit I was very scared beforehand and worried about all sorts, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined.

I went in to practical overload before the op and cleaned the house, bought lots of healthy snacks, big pants and nighties, peppermint tea etc. I’d advise doing that just so you have everything you need when you come home. I also stocked up on prunes, porridge oats and all ban to make a breakfast with. I didn’t get any constipation and I’m sure this helped along with taking some lactulose.

Don’t feel silly about any emotions you have, it’s a hard time getting your head round the diagnosis as well as having surgery in a short time frame. Just take each day as it comes and let everyone wait on you hand and foot.

You’ll get a lot of pain killers and the nurses are really good at making sure you’re comfortable. Just keep them up to date with how you’re doing and they’ll help you.

There is a site called Hyster Sisters which has handy pre and post op checkpoints and advice so do take a look on there, I found it so helpful.

Wishing you all the very best of luck for Monday, you’re going to be just fine and there are plenty of us ready to offer advice and a listening ear for when you come home.


I think this is where I can finally help!! Week post op! :slight_smile: I’ll PM you xxxx