Needing opinions about LLETZ

i had the LLETZ procedure about 5 days ago now and I'm a little worried about my healing. its reccommended that you don't have sex until 4 weeks has past. Well about that.. Things got a bit hot and heavy with my partner and we had sex, but he didn't go all the way in (which didn't hit my cervix at all). I didn't bleed up until today which is only light bleeding but I have a very strange smelling discharge :S I'd like to know if this has happened to anybody else and if It is a sign of possible infection? Also today I've had a few stabbing pains up there... along with the usual cramping... Is this normal after the procedure? Has anyone else had this?? anybody who has info, please let me know! It would be much appreciated. Jess xx

Hiya. Its normal hun. My doctor told me the smelly bit is fine, as log as only you can smell it when you go to the loo etc. But if ya partner notices when ya watched ng tv etc then its infection. Defo wouldnt have sex again tho if I was you coz you might not heal properly and might get an infection x

Yer I have had exactly the same as you with all the cramping and discharge etc. I know it's hard not to have sex trust me I am not enjoying that or the fact that I can't have a bath!! Like anya anya said you shouldn't have sex until your cervix has healed. X