Needing Colposcopy Years Later

Hi everyone,

About ten years ago when I was 32, I was diagnosed with HPV. I subsequently went in for numerous colposcopy visits, LLETZ procedures over the course of four or five years until all the abnormal cells were cleared and I was monitored through regular Pap tests ever since. I also received the entire course of Gardasil vaccines.

My results have been stable the past five years (clear Pap tests), until I recently got my regular Pap test last month. Apparently abnormal cells were found yet again. I’m scheduled for yet another colposcopy in four weeks’ time.

Since having had numerous LLETZ procedures, my sex drive had plummeted to almost nothing. I’m 42 now. I’ve been in a long term relationship with the same man the entire time and since the LLETZ, it completely tanked my sex drive. I would get discomfort and pressure during deep penetration, which made it very unenjoyable. It’s only been recently that our sex life has nearly been recovered, and now I have to have yet another colposcopy. I am praying I don’t need another LLETZ procedure. I’m feeling worried, discouraged, and upset that we just began to enjoy our sex life again finally, and now this.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Has your sex drive been affected too? I needed to vent this. Thank you for reading.

Hey Nadia. :raising_hand_woman:t3: I totally hear you. Our experiences sound similar. I am 44 now but had a LLETZ when I was 22. Sex was fine after that one (and I was hardly worried as I had no understanding of HPV then, I don’t think the medical progression did either tbh). I found out I had hpv 18 in 2021 and my sex drive has tanked. I can’t shake the feeling I will pass it to my husband (if I haven’t already) or that we’ll pass it back and forth between us indefinitely and I will never clear it. I suppose it’s more psychological for me than physical but I had a LLETZ again last month and I have no idea how sex will feel, even if I wanted to do it. I just feel so grim about myself (which is crazy because I don’t judge anyone else for having an sti) I am also worried that there weren’t clear margins after my LLETZ so if there are still abnornal cells when I go for test of cure smear, I have no idea if they can do a third LLETZ or what the next steps would be. I think we just need to go easy on ourselves. What we are all dealing with is years of uncertainty, no wonder it’s affecting so many aspects of our lives. I hope you are OK. X

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