needing a wee....

Hiya. Just wondering if anyone has needed a wee much more often after having loop? Its been 5 days and literally I cant stop weeing! Think in the last hour I’ve been to the toilet 4 times (normal for me would be once every few hours if that)

has anyone else experienced this or know why?! X

I have been weeing alot too. Not sure what it means if it's to do with lletz treatment. Have you tried ask the experts?  I had my lletz nearly 3 weeks ago, hoping to get the all clear soon :-) Hope your ok too after lletz. Xx

Thanks for your reply! Whats ask the experts? 

Finfers crossed for your all clear! 


Hi, I have the same issue. I had loop cone biopsy over a week ago and I am always needing the toilet. 


I wouldnt worry about it unless you have any pain or stinging.


fingers crossed for your results xx

Thanks for your reply. Glad its not just me!

thanks, same to you! Xx