Need to be discussed at MDT??

Hello…I have come away from my Colposcopy appointment very confused. A little bit of history first. I had my first smear at the age of 21 (even though I requested one when I was younger and got refused) and it showed severe dyskariosis as it was called at the time. I had treatment and have been monitored pretty much every 6 months since (12 years ago) with my cells swinging from borderline to abnormal to normal etc… Until last year when I had CIN2 and had LLETZ treatment. I recently had a follow up smear which showed high grade changes and was referred to colposcopy immediately (with an 830am call on the Monday morning which freaked me out!) So yesterday I had the colposcopy appointment, and after using the new dye and iodine she said everything looked ‘normal’. She sent me for an ultrasound which also looked OK. So she says I need to be discussed at the MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) meeting in a month, where the committee review all my results and agree a course of action. It was all very confusing but I think she’s suggesting that the problem is further up in my cervix and therefore cannot be detected easily on a colposcopy. Having done a bit of googling (as you do) I’ve found something called cGIN which sounds similar to what she’s describing. But she never used that term. I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else has had something similar? This has been going on all my adult life and I can’t bare all the continuous waiting etc and now this confusing message…??? Thanks, Donna.

Hey Donna, it sounds like you're going through a terrible time and if I were you I'd demand answers now because you've had to come away feeling helpless and confused. 

I have high grade CGIN and CIN3 and so the MDT meeting they're having is usually about the CGIN unless there's something else going on but what you've mentioned to me, sounds about right for it to be that. 

im still waiting for my results from the MDT to find out what treatment they'll use to treat it. 


Please let let me know how you get on, and definitely ring them asking a bunch of questions That you need answers to. You might find that you'll need to write them down too because the information, or lack of in many cases is just ridiculous! 

Keep smiling!