Need support

I have been told I have squontous cell cininoma cin3 I have app for 23 march for internal I am scared the nurse who doney colospocy said she thinks it's early Very early stages ? Would she really no this I keep thinking the worst of everything every little pain I get I think it's spreading all over my body I don't really have any one to talk to and when I do thay just keep saying il be ok like there not really botherd just wish I new what stage and treatment I would receive think it would help me a lot as I feel am on my own and waiting is the worst part :(:( has anyone been in the same place or similar one to me x

Hello again :-)

We all go through little phases when we think every single little ache and pain means that cancer has spread to somewhere new. It's only very few very unlucky women where this is in fact true, the vast majority of us simply have powerful imaginations that like to play tricks on us. This is a very slow growing cancer and so is very unlikely to be spreading within the fortnight you are waiting for your MRI. 

I see that you have asked a couple of times about the nurse telling you she thinks that your cancer is a very early stage. Nurses don't make comments when they don't really know so I think you can take some comfort from the fact that she probably does know what she is talking about and that your cancer is not a big one. 

It is a scary time waiting to have your illness staged but you don't have too very long to wait now until you are seen. You might find it helpful to think of as many questions as you can and write them down to ask the doctors on Monday before they put you to sleep.

Be lucky


Thank you I just keep panicking I have my MRI the day after my inturnal x

Hi I am a newby, I had my check and was told it was servere dyfkaryosis so I went away a bit happier as shd said that there where no cancer cells thatvwhere visual.  I was then booked in 3 weeks later for a general anaesthetic as theh has to remove a large area which I had done on Wednesday which went well. Then was told by consultation that he thinks it cancer now waiting to biopsy results and mri so I dlnt really know where I stand at the moment xx