Need some relief

As you all know my post 3 month scan came back mets to spine t12. Had a bx done n it’s positive. Starting heavy chemo next week. Is there anyone who went thru same situation as me n anyone living well after that? 

Please  your story... it will definitely help me to lift up

thank you with lots of luv n hugs to you all

Hi kam

im terribly sorry to hear this! I was really hoping it wouldn't be mets. 

I think you would get some more responses if you requested to be in the advanced group. Many of those ladies can probably help you out. 

Big hugs

Hi Kam,

Sorry to hear your news and Im sorry I cant be of much use to you but wanted to let you know am thinking of you.

Sending hugs xx

hi kam

ive done the chemo mix not for bone mets though but it's the same chemo where ever its come back to 

im 1 year past chemo and doing great 

its strong stuff but doable and worth it 

you can pm me any time and ill be there to offer advice or any questions you have 

right now is all about staying postive get your fighting head on and give it a good kick 

onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx

Hi Kam,

I'm 2 weeks today finished the "heavy" chemo and feeling just's very 4 and 5 I found the worst with leg pains but I just took it easy and I got through it!! I I never had sickness or nausea, I really was dreading it but was pleasantly surprised and the weeks just flew......I'm starting radiotherapy on tuesday and chemo ( a lower) dose on Fridays...these last two weeks without treatment I've gotten stronger and stronger and heading out for a walk later on and I'll have a glass of vino watching gogglebox can do this, best of luck with your treatment..xx

Hi Kam, 

You've certainly had a tough time since treatment. You are one tough cookie. I just wanted to wish you the best. Finally, with chemo treatment you might get the pain settled. Thinking of you. Xx