Need some reassurance please

Hi I have being following this forum since I got my smear results. I have a borderline smear with high risk hpv not the top two 16 and 18. I am booked in for a colpscopy in 2 weeks I am at my wits end I am 30 with 9 children and so worried what to expect has anyone had these same results and what was the out come.. thank you so muche. 


June 17 smear

July 17 result borderline high hpv

Awaiting colpscopy August

Hi Sofia, I too had an mildly abnormal smear result in June, borderline changes HPV positive. I had my colposcopy on 23rd of June and got my results four weeks later. Cin3, I am having lletz on Friday. The colposcopy is very like a smear test. Plz try not to worry although I know that is hard. Stay away from google cause it will drive you crazy.  I was thinking all sorts until i started to read the forum posts. They can be very helpful and the support here is fantastic. Im not worries about what they find, i know it can be treatet. Lett us know how you get on. Will be thinking of you!

Thank you for your reply. Glad you are getting sorted out. It is scary Google is bad :(  did u have any symptoms or anything. So you were borderline on the smear then cin3 at the colposcopy. Good luck on Friday let me no how u got on. 

Hi Sofia, I had spotting on and off over the last few months and when I was getting  my smear I said it to the nurse. She said she would check that my coil was still in place. It was, also I've always been very good about getting my smear and it has never hurt but this one did so I sort of expected an abnormal result. I also have lower back pain but I put this down to my work and I'm constantly exhausted. Other than that I feel fine.  Tomorrow is lletz day and I'm freaking out a little, going to keep myself busy, have a long bath, new pjs and bedclothes etc. As I said I'm not really worried about what they find I believe they can treat it and monitor. Mind yourself girl and keep in touch, if u need support, come here for it. Were all in the same boat. 


Best wishes, los x

colposcopy is similar to smear youll have a speculum and someone takes a look. they then could do a LLETZ which takes 10mins and really isnt that bad its the worrying about it thats worse! or they may take biopsies which im told dont hurt you just cough and its done. all the best :) 

Hi Sofia,

Last year in July, I was diagnosed with CIN I, and by February 2017, it progressed to CIN II. I was also diagnosed with High-Risk HPV Valet 31, 33, etc. (Not 16 and 18). Emotionally, it was really difficult for me. I went to 7 doctors and they all told me I should have a surgery to remove the abnormal parts. I went through colposcopy and biopsy, and it didn't hurt at all. I was really scared as I have been told that I will feel a pinch during the biopsy and it will hurt. But, it didn't. It was hard for me though, as I didn't know what's coming. But I knew I am in good hands. The doctor gave me antibiotics. I took them for two days. It is kind of important, so, you could ask this from your doctor if you don't want extra headache of infection. The doctor told me I should have a Lletz, while others gave me all kinds of advice from cone biopsy or else. My honest advice: Ask several doctors, and don't PANIC.

I asked my doctor: If I don't have the surgery, and I come back in 6 months, what will happen? she said: Nothing. if you can't make it now, just wait a bit. Then I went on reading all sorts of delightful or horrible comments on HPV experiences, and I was filled with fury, doubt, and sorrow. My partner was away, and he couldn't be really helpful. But I talked to him, and he knew what was going on. Our sex life was a bit jeopardized. But then, we both adjusted ourselves.

It is August now. I had a Pap test before planning for the surgery and turns out: I am CLEAR. No Abnormal Cells. No HPV. So, I thought I should share this experience with you. What I did was:

1. I took HPV vaccination. It's important to get Gardasil 9. it covers 9 valets, and it is the best one available. I paid 500 Dollars for it, as I am 30. But totally worth it. My last shot will be in August. I think that is what helped me quite a lot. Don't read all the stories about side effects, period loss, or else. Every medical procedure could have side effects. Nothing happened to me, or any of my friends who had the vaccine. But check it with your doctor, However, my doctor said it won't help. I still got it.

2. I changed my lifestyle. No Alcohol. Even when my partner insisted desperately. Not even a sip. No smoking. Even when ppl around were smoking, I covered up my nose not to inhale. I changed my diet. Almost every day, an orange, an apple, and any other kind of fruit with lots of vitamin C. Lots of greens, and fresh salad with every meal. and: SHIITAKE Mushroom. I stir-fried it every day and had it with my breakfast or dinner. I think it really helped too. Also, I had lots of lemon and ginger in almost all water and teas I had. They detox the body and boost the immune system.

3. Multivitamins. What I took every day after breakfast was: Vitamin D +1000 (Blackmores), Antioxidant + Multi (Blackmores), and Folic Acid 800 MG (any brand). I took them every single day, all together. But never on an empty stomach.

4. I exercised. Just walking. Blood circulation is really important in being healthy. I didn't swim though. I didn't want to engage my parts in any extra or unnecessary activity/infection.

5. Be calm. Stress exacerbates the situation, and it is a killer. it kills your job, your relationships, and your nerves. So, don't worry about what you do not know yet.

6. Discuss it with different doctors. If you feel unsure, retest yourself. Don't haste.

7. Last, but not least: Don't let stigma get into you. I have had many stigmatized encounters, and I learned how to ignore IGNORANTS. Reach out to anyone you trust. Talk. Consult. and Trust yourself.

Now, a month has passed since my last NORMAL smear. I am supposed to go back in a year for a smear, and if that is normal too, it will be in three years. I am recovering from the mental effect of it all though. I was mean and angry on many occasions, and I wish I wasn't. If I go back, I would be much calmer. Still, a part of me is scared. So I decided to recheck in 6 months. I just want you, or whoever reading my story, to know that, all of this is not something to panic. It is something to be aware of, and take care of. And it is temporary. Just a phase in life. I am sure many of us could manage it. I hope everything goes well with you.