need some answers if any one can help :/

I have had 5 loop byopsies now all my results come back CIN3 or CIN2 how many more time can they keep performing this treatment befor    a hysterectomy is recomended? I know your cervics are not very big but my consultant is not straight with me at all! some sort of idea or anyone who has been threw the same would be great thanks x

Hi Robyn. It sounds like you’ve had a very tough time with having to go through lletz so many times, my heart goes out to you! You must be feeling exhausted of it all.

I think you need to demand a straight answer to what’s going on and future treatment. If your consultant can’t help, try one of the nursing team. Explain how distressing it is for you and your concerns for the future. It may mean a hyst at some point in your future, but if you know what you can expect, it will surely help you.

The very best of luck with it all, I really hope you get your answers x x