Need some advice!

Hi, I have been trying to conceive for nearly a year now (had rad trach) but with no success, don't really know who to go to for advice to be honest my doctor was pretty unhelpful and told me I shouldn't have a problem even after my surgery, yet the Marsden told me a different story. I got told (rather bluntly) by one doctor that because I already have a child from a previous relationship that I won't get any help with treatment, I believe this is true but to be told in such a manner really upset me and I have kind of lost my faith in GPs now. If anyone is going through/gone through this please reply, thank you x

Hi Beezle,

I don't have any specific advice but I just couldn't not reply to you. How awful for you! I can't believe your doctor would be so blunt about something as personal as fertility! It shouldn't make a blind bit of difference whether you already have a child with a previous partner or not! That is appalling!! I may be jumping to conclusions but I suspect the reason you had a rad trac. is becuase you wanted to preserve your fertility and have another child!!! I know doctors don't have much time these days but he could at least have done some research or passed you on to a nurse or someone who could help you find out more information or anywhere you can go to for support or clarification on this matter!!

I'd suggest trying the 'ask the expert' on the support section of the Jo's website, or if you were assigned a specialist nurse or a MacMillan nurse or anything you could try them - they may tell you that there is no NHS support available but they might be able to point you in the direction of someone private or a charity that could help? 

I hope you find some answers and some form of support - I'm sure other ladies will be full of suggestions too :) let us know how you get on, I'll be thinking of you! x x x 

Thanks very much for your reply Becky, yes you are right about my decision for surgery, I think I will do as you suggested and check out ask the expert :) My surgery was nearly five years ago now and I saw different nurses at the time so didn't have a specific MacMillan nurse. Whenever I have my check up at the hospital they just tell me to go my doctor so I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall! Thanks again xx

Hi Beezle,

Can't offer any personal advice, but there ARE ladies on here who've had babies after trachs, it's still early days in trach surgery so there's not much info and I think GPs are quite baffled by it!

Some ppl on here ended up having IVF after trach as the entrance to the womb is small and spermys can't get up there. I think there is also a procedure to make the entrance bigger? Have a read around on here & you'll find more info, or Ask the Experts as BeckyCarlos suggested.

Don't just take one GPs advice - keep asking and researching and you don't give up.

Lisa x x