Need some advice re follow up appt


Hi guys, just a couple of quick questions. I had a borderline smear and went for a colposcopy ten days ago. The nurse said it's looked fine, could only see one potential small area but said I think these biopsies will come back normal, at worst CIN 1 and that I probably wouldn't need to come back and would just get a letter detailing results. 


I've now had a letter dated five days after biopsies to come back to see a consultant gyn oncologist or one of her team this Thursday. 


My questions are; would the nurse who under took the colposcopy be classed under gyn oncology? If so, I could just be seeing her. 


Secondly, can a colposcopy look normal but come back as cancer? It just seems I'm getting results very quickly, as if it's something bad. 


Finally, would my GP tell me the results before my appt if i go to see them. It's just that I've literally just been through this nightmare after having a breast biopsy and the two week wait after. Luckily that came back benign but I've had no time to get myself back up after that. 


Thanks in advance for any advice!