Need some advice please




I am just searching for some helpful advice for someone who has a zillion questions in her head and no answers:


My mum currently has breast cancer and on Friday, was diagnosed with cervical cancer (awaiting histology confirmation) by a Consultant Gynaecologist following investigation under GA.  She has been bleeding, we believe, for nearly 12 months (so pre-breast cancer diagnosis) and has taken some persuading to go to see the Gynae team.  She is not in any pain or discomfort in her back or stomach.


We have been told that there is nothing that can be done surgically and that she will be urgently referred for an MRI scan to stage the cancer and also back to her Oncologist who is currently planning her radiotherapy for the breast cancer.  I spoke on my own to the Gynae Consultant and it is his belief that the cancer is "at least a Stage 2".


What I need to know is that as it cannot be treated surgically - and I am of the opinion that the only way to CURE cancer is to cut it out - does this mean that my mum is going to be reciving treatment purely for remission or is this palliative?


Sorry for the rambling but I have spent the weekend in a lot of distress and need to see the woods for the trees.  My mum is 68.


Thank you


Ruth x

Hi Ruth

I'm so sorry to read what you and your mum are going through, I really hope she comes through all of this successfully.

The stage of the cancer determines whether surgery or chemoradiation is the treatment.  Until the stage is determined it cannot be said what exactly will happen.  Many, many cases of CC are successfully treated with chemorads without the surgery and I'm sure lots of ladies who have gone through that will come on here to tell you.

Let us know when the stage is known and we'll give you what advice we can.  There is also lots of info on the Jo's Trust and Macmillan sites.

Sending you both lots of hugs and good luck wishes.


Hi Ruth,

So sorry to hear what an awful time you and your mum are having. I just want to reiterate what Cheryl has already said. I too used to think that the only way to fix cancer was to cut it out, but I have now come across so many women who have been successfully treated without surgery that I now know this is not the case.

To the point where I sometimes find myself wondering whether or not I too could have escaped without surgery.

Best wishes to you and your mum


Hi Ruth, Im sorry you and your mum are going through this, I thought exactly the same as Tivoli so when I found I was having chemoradiaton I instantly thought surgery was the better option but I trust the doctors know best and Im going through my chemo right now.

wishing your mum all the best, feel free to come on here for a chat anytime these ladies are an amazing bunch <3

xx Leah

Hi Ruth, I had CC, but I was told my tumour was too big for surgery and chemoradiation was the way ahead.  I asked for a hysterectomy but they would not do it.  Now I have finished treatment I have asked them to remove everything, but they won't.  I will be 3 years in remission in May.

Keep us updated, and we're always here.

Just one thing.  Are they sure your Mum has 2 cancers ans they are not linked?


Hi April

I asked the question of her Consultant whether the breast cancer and the CC were linked and he said no.  She was diagnosed with the breast cancer in October and had a mass removed in November and the lymph biopsy came back clear.  She is due to start 17 courses of radiotherapy on 19 February for the breast cancer.

I am just assuming that she is just very unlucky.


Thank you all for your replies - I really appreciate it - today is the first day that I am feeling more positive and determined to beat this with my mum


Much love x