Need some advice please (children mentioned)

Hi ladies…may I start with what a fantastic website this is…you are all amazing women.

So a bit of background I’ve been with my partner for 9 years and have 2 beautiful children aged 2 and 7.

For the past few months I’ve had a persistent yeast infection that won’t clear with the usual things the doctor give you.

I’ve also had what I thought what a reminder my period was coming bleeding a few days before period was due but doctor said that’s classes as spotting. It was very minor but this month I had a very pale brown discharge 2 weeks before period and had a slight pink spotting after going to gum clinic about thrush!!

I had my last smear March 2014 that was fine! And I’ve been requesting another for months now. Only today did my doctor say he’s send for bloods (electrolyte full blood Count and hormones) although he did say at my age 31 he doubts it’s my hormones. And he’s referring me to a gynecologist in the coming month!

I’m deeply concerned as I’ve been with my partner for 9 years why only now am.I getting symptoms? Also I’m.scared for him as what if he gets a high strain and it turns cancerous he has cancer in the family.

I’m very worried. Can anyone please she’d some light on this for me please.

Warmest regards.

Also I've had an ultrasound and that was clear 

Sorry your going through this.  

I have been with my partner for 8 years and we have 3 children aged 7 2 and 10 months.  I've always had normal pap smear results until I started bleeding between periods a few months ago.  I have pcos so this is not uncommon but I'd been having regular cycles since our 2 year old was born. I got my smear done early because of the bleeding and it came back possible high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion which was seen as cin3 at colposcopy just waiting for biopsy results to confirm  (3 week wait ). Then we'll figure out treatment from those official results. 


You have been with your husband 9 years so he more than likely already cleared the hpv. You have no idea who gave it to you so don't feel guilty because your husband could have already been infected before meeting you.  Men usually clear it , but he should be doing checks on his man parts just to make sure. 


My partner and I have been using condoms since our youngest wqs born so my guess is my immune system is low for some reason or another and hpv reactivated between my smear in 2013 and this one I just had. I know it's scary but your symptoms could be caused by a lot of things other than cervical cancer.  

Have your tests and go from there. 

Hood luck I hope this is just something minor for you 

Thanks so much for your reply. Well....was checked for ultrasound clear just had bloods and hormones checked...clear...there seems to be one only other reason... I hope I'm wrong...but it may be from the thrush I don't know. Going to.see a gynecologist soon so.hopefully they can shed some light on the situation. Have you had your results back yet...are you doing OK? X

It doesn't mean cancer, It could be precancerous lesions which are easily treated, My advice would be to get in to see the gyno as soon as you can. The waiting and worry isn't good for you physically or mentally.


I'm doing ok, 2 more days until I get results My heart races everytime the phone rings, I only have to get through today with that panic because they are closed tomorrow then Thursday my appointment is first one of the morning.


Hope you get your answers soon, And stay off google, it's got good information but if you type in a specific question then your only going to get the bad answers from that question... are u getting on?? Got my gyno app on Wednesday wish it was sooner as had some pain on removing a tampon tonight. Got me worried x