Need some advice please - after lletz

Hi I'm just looking for some advice, I'm 25 and on dec 9th I had a loop excision biopsy of my cervix and side effects were all normal afterwards, I didn't have sex until 10th January and since I have been bleeding some days it's bright red, next day it is black, it doesn't seem to be stoppinh but before I had sex it had all stopped bleeding and returned to normal. I'm concerned i have caused some damage to the wound even though I wauted the recommended amount of time, I'm also getting occasional stomach cramps and sweating constantly I can't cool down. Thanks for reading :) 

Hi Logan,

Sorry to hear that you're having problems.  If you think you have damaged the wound you could give NHS direct a call (on 111), just in case the heavy bleeding needs a bit of help to stop or you have an infection.

Hope you get well soon.




Hi Logan,

Just to say that we are all different and that some of us heaql more quickly than others. It does rather sound as though you and your partner should continue to abstain from sex a little longer to allow more time for your wound to heal but I doubt you've caused any serious damage. Calling 111 for a bit of reassurance is no bad idea.

Be lucky