Need some advice on my results and further treatment please!!


I’ve posted on here a few times before about my journey to this point. I had a colposcopy and biopsy done 5 weeks ago and only just received my results today.
I’ve had symptoms of pain, post-sex bleeding and watery discharge for about 2 years before having a pap done (because of my young age).
Anyway, I went for the colposcopy after my pap showed just mild-moderate changes (the doctor thought I should have the colposcopy because of the symptoms along with mild change).
The biopsy came back severe changes (a nurse called me with the result- and did not use the usual terminology I’ve seen here as CIN 2/3 etc). She said that because of the severe changes, they want me to come back in August to see if my body can ‘clear’ it down to a lower level or something- before they consider more drastic treatment options?
I’m really confused about all of this, especially because I am still having these symptoms and they have now confirmed the changes are severe, I don’t understand why they want to wait for treatment.
They kept saying that because I’m young they want to give me the best chance of fighting off the severe cells before they consider doing any invasive treatments…but I’m sick with worry as I am constantly uncomfortable/in pain and am worried that by August the cells may have progressed to something worse…

Any help would be appreciated, thank you :frowning: