need some advice (children mentioned)

Hi i am 24 and have been diagnosed with cervical cancer. I need to decide either a radical tracheostomy or a hysterectomy. In having trouble deciding. I haven two beautiful girls but have always wanted 3 children. All advice welcome xx

Personally i would have the hysterectomy to be sure all cancer is gone, what stage are you? xx


Am stage 1B. Really don't know what to do:(

Hi Katie,

You really need to talk through all the outcomes of your choices with your doctors, but as far as I understand it a hysterectomy will possibly send you into menopause and maybe lose you your sex drive whereas a tracheostomy is far less invasive. At 24 I would try to steer clear of a hysterectomy if the doctors think that a tracheostomy is a viable alternative.

Go well


i have spoke to my key worker and waiting for the doc to get in touch. Only thing am worried abot with the radical tracheostomy is it easier for the cancer to come back with that than a full hysterectomy. Thanks for ur advice x