Need some advice and reassurance! (pregnancy mentioned)

Hi everyone, I am 21 weeks pregnant with my 3rd boy (5m/cs prev). I have had 3 lletz procedures done over the last 10 years and i have had quite a lot of my cervix removed. Today after sex (sorry tmi) i bled quite heavily bright red blood so rushed to A&E where they then sent me to Central delivery. They gave me an internal and said that they could see that i did have a 'significant bleed' but it had stopped and the blood that was in my vagina (that is still coming out) is the blood from that big bleed and as it isnt red they couldnt be certain where the bleeding came from. They thought that as my cervix was pretty scarred that maybe one of my scars had ruptured and i needed to go back if any pain or any red blood. Ive tried googling this but it keeps coming up with 'uterine rupture' which is life threatening to mum and baby. Im not sure its the same thing though is it? Help, thanks x

Hi Stacca - sorry I can’t advise you on this, but I’m not surprised you’re spooked and worried.

I just wanted to suggest that you might want to try Jo’s ‘Ask the Expert’ service as your situation is quite specific.

Best of luck xxx

Hi Staccy the rupture is a completely different thing from what it sounds like you’ve experience. I was advices not to have intercourse during my pregnancy as with a bleed it would be difficult to tell if it was scare tissue or a placenta problem as bleeds on scar tissue can be common after treatments. Are they going to have you back in a few days to check again? Are you under a maternity consultant? It would def be worth getting an appointment with your maternity consultant and a placenta scan x