Need some advice about hesterectomy

Hi all

Im new to this page i had my first papsmear in November of 2016 it cam back abnormal with cin1  i went back after 3months for another smear and it came back with cin2 in July of 2017 i went for my first lletz i got a smear after 6 months and it came back with cin2 again on Wednesday 28 of Feb this year i went back for my second lletz my doc informed me that if the cin2 comes back again the best would be to get a hesterectomy. im only 26 i have one child that is 8  but my  fiance and i want to have a baby of our own i told the doc i just want to have 1 more baby then he adviced me against it he says the cin2 feeds of the hormones when you are pregnant. I will go for my follow up smear in July. If the smear results come back with cin 2 do i take the chance and get pregnant or do i get the hesterectomy? I hope the results comes back all clear but i know its also possible that it wont i just want to know what my options are? 

Thank you