Need reassurance

Hi all


wondered if anyone can reassure me?

Back in 2014 I had my first smear as I had to postpone it due to being pregnant. This first smear came back borderline changes and Hpv but no treatment needed. I was then due to have another smear in a years time but stupidly only just had it done again in July. Results were high grade dyskasis and I was booked in for a colposcopy. The day of my colposcopy it was decided I needed lletz treatment which I had there and then. Has anyone had the experience of the local anaesetic not working as I was assured I wouldn't feel anything but could feel them them burning away the cells and cried like a baby! They said I would get the results in 3-4 weeks and I think I'm working myself up as from what I've seen people normally have to wait longer?? Also the nurse that performed the colposcopy didn't really state what she saw. Am I looking into this too much?? 

Last question I promise how long did people get the back pain for if anyone did experience this?


Thank you in advance xxx


Hiya :) I can't be much help I'm afraid as I only had my colposcopy and llezt treatment yesterday. Like you I had high grade and needed it straight away. My nurse didn't say much to me while she was doing it but i asked her to tell me whether she thought it could be cancer and she said no. I think they will often only say something if you ask. Remember they are concentrating too so need their full attention on what they are doing. I had two other young nurses in the room with me chatting to me, did you? It's unfortunate your anesthetic didn't work...that must have made it a much worse experience and maybe harder to be calm about afterwards, there are some other ladies on here who had a similar experience to you. I'm on the long wait now as well to confirm it's all gone etc. She told me it could be up to 6 weeks. It's easier said than done to put it out of your mind isn't it. Were you given any information to take away about the after effects? I'm sure it's not unusual to have some back pain afterwards but why don't you give either the help line on here or your hospital a call to get some reassurance? It's a worrying time but you went for you smear and they identified he changes, I know how scary it is to hear that they are high grade, you're just shocked as to how they have got to that. But if you had your low grade smear results last year then you can be comforted by the fact they won't have been high grade for long and have been sorted. Xx

Hi Sarah Lou,

i too felt it all, and cried like a baby. The LA especially hurt and I nearly hit the roof. 

I think the time you wait depends on your area, I was told up to 4 weeks and am on day 11 post LLETZ today ☺️

Same as Coribec says unless you ask they don't say anything, they told me that it's due to some people not wanting to know.

crazy people LOL

good luck hope the results come back soon


I was told about 3 weeks for the LLETZ results this time. For biopsy I had been told 4-6 and got it after 3. it varies all over the UK.

My LA hurt like hell, and I didn't stay numb for as long as she said I would. I have been warned I will most likely need another LLETZ, but they will do it under GA because I bleed a hell of a lot :-/ As much as the LA hurt, I do not like the idea of being put to sleep!

Anyway, I will keep my fingers crossed that you get your results back quickly, and that it is good news! Keep us posted xx

Hi ladies

For any of you worrying about GA, I'd like to reassure you that it is absolutely fine. I did attempt to have my LLETZ under LA but like Gretch found that the injection hurt like hell, and my doctor said that she thought we should abandon the attempt and do under GA instead. Like you, I didnt like the idea of being put out one little bit, but actually it was OK. I remember saying "oh, I can feel the anaesthetic going in, how weird is that?" then nothing until I woke up and it was all over. Didnt feel bad afterwards either, maybe very mild dizziness for the next couple of days and that was it.

If I had to have another treatment, I would be insisting on GA personally!

Good luck and hope your results come back clear