Need reassurance or info after trachelectomy

Been away for a while what with everything going on!
Had my trachelectomy last week (recover worse than I expected but finally getting better)
I get my lymph node results on Tuesday and was feeling positive until I started again with the dreaded Google!

My consultant said the lymph nodes looked good- just waiting on actual results and beforehand he told me that it was unlikley to have spread (though I'm not sure why? perhaps tumour size? mine was 2cm, or some other way of knowing I don't remember much about the past month!)
Now I've started to worry.
I had the trach as I desperately want a baby but now I'm suddenly terrified my nodes might not be clear and that he was wrong about the 10%

I'm also terrified of it returning as (again, I stupidly went looking around!) I've seen more storie where it does return, even with clear nodes, than stories of it not returning!

I really had thought it was removed and that was that, now I'm in a panic again :(

Does anyone have any info or statistics? Or even just a bunch of happily ever after post-trach stories?!

and also I keep having night sweats (which Google helofully told me is a symptom of Lymph cancer) which is adding to my paranoia.

has anyone else had night sweats after a trach?

Hiya, I had a trach in August, while I didnt have night sweats I would wonder is it a side effect of the stress you're putting yourself under? I recovered fine from my trach, and I have my first check up next week. I think everyone goes through the panic that you're going through, the internet can be a very dangerous tool, but remember people generally only post sad stories on the internet, people whose cancer hasnt come back dont generally post about it. if you go through a lot of the old stories from this site you'll see some very happy stories of women who have gone on to have babies after trach too.. As for the lymph nodes, as far as I know, the lymph nodes often swell when the cancer has spread, so thats why the doctor would have an idea that they could be ok?

Hope you feel better soon, and you get your results and a good recovery!


thanks so much for your reply. 
Every time I googled night sweats i got ,enopause or cancer- so unhelpful sometimes! I didn't even know it could be caused by stress!

I get my results at 11.20 today so prob going to have a rough night!

how was your recovery? i wasn't expecting to feel this rough- thought i'd be normal within a week!
Congrats on your all clear.x

hey hun,

i had to write as it sounds like youve had a terrible time :( 

I had my trach in November 2010 so just over two years ago and still ok. Of course, I am obviously tempting fate by saying this, but i wanted to reassure you!! I took my meds religiously in the weeks after and the only trouble i had was with a leaking suprepubic catheter. Of course I was tired, achy and walked like an old lady! I had a swollen tummy for a while which went down after two weeks or so. 

Ive flown long haul without a problem, the thing that scares me is insect bites - im going to South East Asia in february and fingers crossed i can fight the blighters off!! 

Please PM me or ask me anything you like, i am more than happy to answer :) 


Hi, did you get your results? hope all was ok! Recovery has been pretty good, still get tired sometimes but in general i feel pretty normal, but the first few weeks were the worst. :)

Hope you're feeling ok x