need help

i have just been diagnosed with cervical cancer , which has gone into lymph glands and hot spots in stomach, i was told yesterday that i would hace 5 days for 5 weeks chemo, radio and brachatherapy, i went back today and all changed, i now got to have 5 hrs of chemo for 6 wks and then 2 months of chemo anad radio therapy,i am not coping at all with this, and struggling to get thru the days, i still dont no when this is going to start, i am besides myself and cry all day, im just getting over losing my husband suddenly last year and now this, i keep thinking im going to die , so what the point of carrying on. please can someone help me, have or are you going thru the same thing


Please dont give up! my experience with CC is not the same as yours however,  I feel your pain with recently losing your husband too!

Since I was diagnosed we have lost close family members and had other menbers of the family diagnosed  with cancer! Its such a lot to get your head around!

There are ladies here who can be more of a help than me regarding the type of treatment!    

I just want to say sending positive thoughts your way!  very best wishes xxx

Hi Steffi

Pleaae don't give up, having cancer doesn't mean the end, sorry for the loss of your husband, pleae try to keep a strong mind, has anyone said what stage it is? I haven't been through what you're about to go through as 2 operations were all i needed, i was diagnosed in 2008 and had treatment which i was told had cleared it, then last year i went in for hysterectomy which i thought was just for heavy periods then they discovered i had cancer again, they think my cancer had been there since 2008, i had to have a further operation 7 weeks later to make sure it hadn't spread, i'm now 7 months post op & all pelvic examinations good, not give up hope hunny, if you need to talk private message me, do you have anyone to help you through this?

(((Hugs))) Mandy xxx

Hi Steffi,

Sorry you have had to join Jo's,but glad you did because it's a fantastic help.

I had recurrence in lymph nodes,ovary and pelvic wall.The treatment they give

you is intense and I won't lie it's not easy but it is doable.I can not imagine what

you must be going through after loosing your husband,but I hope you have other

family and friends who can rally round to support you .I would also get in touch

with macmillan cancer help line or your local branch.They are amazing and offer loads

of advice,both mentally and practically.

This is not the end Steffi,lots of ladies on here that can back me up on that one.

If you need to know anything or just want a rant this site is amazing.

Hope you get some answers to your questions and it helps you to know

that other ladies understand the fears and worries that come with a CC diagnosis.


Becky x

thank you everyone for your messages, they do help, im not very good at coping with situations like this as i have panic attacks, i no its not going to be easy, but it s the thought of dying terrifys me, i do have fantastic family and friends who are trying to help me thru this, and i no they are worrying over me ,as what i tried to do when my husband died, it does help me when i read of people who have the same as me and the same treatment, as i think im the only one, i just wish they would give me a date to start treatment, so i somehow start the fight, xx

Hi Steffi,

Yes it definately helps when you have a game plan then you can focus.

In the mean time get what you need together ie;books,music,loose clothing etc.

I know it sounds silly but it helps you to feel like you are been pro active.I also

cleaned and washed everything because I new I would be out of action for a while.

Keeping busy and preparing was my way of getting to my start date,then you

have the treatment, and the day's go by so quickly,before you know it

you will be on the other side.What ever you can think of that makes you feel better do


Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated it really does help alot,and it stops you getting

any bladder problems.Also it's the one time that you can eat anything you fancy without

worrying(mine was icecream!).

Looking through other ladies posts gave me some wonderful tips,and strength to carry on

when it was a real struggle.You are not alone and we all have those dark feelings from time

to time,just try to out them with the lighter ones X

Keep us posted.

Becky x

Oh bless you, Steffi, we all know how scared you are, we've  all been there.

Now, before you start treatment, is the time to get everything ready that you'll need. Comedy box sets, books, uplifting music. Get your house sorted with a good clean, fill the freezer with meals. Read 'anti- cancer' by Dr David servan Schreiber which contains a list of very beneficial foods. (Message me if you want the list) Drink gallons of Seneca green tea ( in short, keep your body as healthy and strong as possible. Try meditation, positive visualisation. Have a positive mantra (mine is "f@©¢ off cancer, this is MY body!! While I'm out on my bike!) Find comfort and good advice from all the wonderful ladies on here. Steffi, you are going to be stronger than you ever thought possible. 

You are not alone!

Mandy xx

Mandy,your mantra made me LOL!Thanks for that very good and will

be using that.That's the key laugh till it hurts,it gets you through Xx


it is a great mantra, isn't it?! I must look a bit of a loony, shouting out loud, peddling furiously up and down the cycle path where I live :)

Mandy xx