need help understanding dignosis

okay ladies so ive already had colposcopy and cold knife cone procedure.. after the cold knife my results said " cin3/caranomi in situ   present from 12 to 3 and 6 to 12  and involves endo cervical glands" the goes to say endocervical biopsy detached fragment  of epitheluim. withsevere. squamous .. amoung other thigs that make no sense ...but ay idea what all this means?


ive had abnormal paps fo 12 years an started progresing last year.

no one?

Hi Flash,

Sorry i really dont understand to much of this stuff. But didnt want u to think no one would answer u. I am sure someone will come along who understands all of this and help u sometimes it takes  a day or so. I just want to say good luck amd pray all is well :-)

Hi TheFlash,

Here are some links to the website that I hope will help you understand your results better, the terms can be really confusing! Please do speak to your doctor though if you have any questions as they will best be able to talk you through your results.

Best wishes,