Need help interpreting the result

Hello all,

I am in desperate need for help on interpreting my LEEP result. I am traveling this week and is not able to speak to my doctor anytime soon, but the result is posted online, and i'm freaking out and crying over what i'm reading. Please help.

I had a copolscopy a month ago and the result showed low grade CIN I/II. Then the doc ordered a LEEP, which i did about 5 days ago. This morhing the result is posted online for patients to see. Mine reads:


"high grade SIL CIN II-III present at inked and cauterized endocervical margin"

"adenocarcinoma in situ, focally close to but not at inked and cauterized endocervical margin"

"mild squamous atypia prsent at Ectocervical margin"


Please help me understand this. I thought my LEEP procedure got rid of all the abnormal cells but it doesn't look like this is the case since it is present at Endocervical margin. 


I am freaking out so much right now, anyone please if you could help, let me know.




What happened next with you?