Need advice

i was refered to gyne by my gp due to spotting pain and heavy periods

i expected to just be told to take sone pills, i have had 5 pre cell treatments prior

but now iam scared last smear 18 mth ago was clear but she started saying best option is a full hysterectomy 

i have to have a smear next week but havve received my pre-op for just 2 Weeks time, she mentioned cervical

cancer and genetic testing, iam worried about the speed things are going, is this normal? My main symptoms

are intermittent bleedin, pain, disharge more when my cycle is present, severe constipation and no appitite

would my preop be that fast if there was nothing there???

Just guessing here, so don't take any of this as gospel, but I know exactly what it is like waiting for the first person to answer your post!

I would imagine that things are moving this quickly because unlike where some of the other women on this forum live, your gynae people actually have space in their schedule. It sounds from what you have said that nothing has actually been confirmed at this stage, but that they are getting you all set up just in case, is that correct?

Be lucky


Hi, I agree with above post.  It is a postcode lottery regarding the speed or slowness of things.  Try and look at it as a positive if you can, that you are not left waiting and waiting.  I had to wait 2 months for colposcopy after abnormal smear and now waiting 6 weeks for result of biopsys.  The nurse told me that it makes no difference as to results everyone waits the full 6 weeks due to the back log. (I had asked her if I hadn't heard by 6 weeks would that mean it was probably all ok as would tell me sooner if nnot)

Hopefully everything will all work out fine for you, and it is really good they are seeing you quickly.  Good luck