Need advice


Cut a long story short. I had a lletz due to abnormal smear last week just waiting results. I have never had an abnormal smear before then to recieve a severe abnormality was a shock.

I have ulcerative colitis and ankylospondylitis so hospitals are a known to me. Just think im so fed up with it all im concidering a hystorecomy. I have two beautiful boys of my own and a step son what more could i ask for. 

I recently had an mri to see if i had MS lucky that was a no. I just cant cope with it all constant appointments i have already.

Do you think it would be wise for me just to get rid and then its a weight off my mind.



Hi, I can understand how much of a shock it must be for you, having an out of the blue diagnosis of abnormal cells, amongst your other health issues. Abnormal cells are not cancer; it’s very rare and takes many years if it were develop into cancer. LLETZs are quite an effective method of treating abnormal cells. A hysterectomy is quite an invasive treatment and most doctors will try to avoid this operation, unless it’s absolutely necessary. As it’s a major operation with risks, possible complications, side effects and restrictions on activities for a while afterwards. Furthermore, even if you have your ovaries left in, this may bring on early menopause within 4 years. 

I would advise to wait for the results of your LLETZ before thinking about surgery. You may only need a 6 month follow up, if the results a very favourable. As the success rate of treatment is about 98-9%.

Hi Rach 

I can totally relate to your situation, I too have ankylosing spondylitis and bowel issues. I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 cervical cancer and have only needed to have two lletz treatments, the latest one last week which I am now waiting for the results of, if I don't get clear margins the oncologist may suggest a hysterectomy but I'm not even thinking that far ahead yet.

There's a good chance that your lletz will have been sufficient in clearing the abnormal cells and you may go on to have completely normal smears in future. 

Fingers crossed for your results xx


Thank you for your replies, 

Think i do need to wait for results of the lletz.. just feels like one thing after another and hopefuly i do not need to go back for 6 months. Grey 78 hoping you dont have to go back must of been a terrible time. AS is hard enough day to day living without the cc diognosis as well.

Its good to get others advice on this situation as talking to my partner is like talking to a brick wall at times lol.