Need advice

I have severe anxiety. I have my first ever smear test booked in for Monday and my anxiety has been so high. I’m too nervous to go in case I get results that I have cancer or something. Im not scared about having the test itself. Jist the resilts. I’m so scared I’ve been a mess. Has anyone else been through this and what helped? What should I expect from my first ever smear test?

Hello i know exactly how you feel i was same on my first one. Test usually only takes few min but you can bleed afterwards or you will feel pain like periode pains. Hope you will be ok , a abnormal result does mean its cancer. My first one was abnormal and i had lletz done but result came back was pre cancerous. Afterwards test all was fine , just had my second one done on 10th last month still waiting for Result. I am think the waiting time is horrible. Good luck x