Need advice re CGIN

Has anyone here had cgin and decided to have a hysterectomy?

I've just had a second leep with top hat as they didn't get clear margins on the first one. I am seriously considering a hysterectomy as I feel like I have a ticking time bomb waiting to go off and I just want it removed from my body!


Hi Liane, I had a Hysterectomy due to Cgin. Click on my username to read my story. Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to help.. In the meantime, try not to Google. You can also try the 'Ask the expert' facility on this site. Sending you positive thoughts. Luv Shaz x

Hi Shaz,
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post. I’ve had a look at your profile, thanks for this! That is exactly what I am worried about, the cgin being higher up. I guess I just need to wait for these results to come back, but im just so fed up of the stress of it all :o(
So pleased your recent vault smear came back clear for you!

Hi liane, no probs.. Just to clarify, no Cgin was found in my womb but was still in my cervix according to pathology results. Cgin is difficult to detect/monitor as it is multi focal and can have skip lesions. The main thing is that they have picked up on it and will be keeping a close eye on you now. My poor cervix had just had one too many treatments and I could no longer be monitored so I didn't really have to think too much about opting for hysterectomy. However, it is still a big step having an organ removed so best to be led by your docs. You are in good hands. Luv shaz x

I had very similar thoughts (my mum was even keen for me to have the hysterectomy to be safe) and was in a very similar position.  The second attempt for me was a large cone biopsy and this time it worked.  It appears they got the cells and are keeping a close eye on me with 6 monthly testing. I'm 35 without kids so I'm glad now I didn't get carried away and make a panic decision. 

The hysterectomy is fairly big surgery and not something to rush into.  Talk it all through with your consultant and get all the pros and cons before choosing.  There may also be the possible option of a trachelectomy.

Best wishes and I hope you get clear results from your latest procedure.