Need advice post leep

Hello everyone I need some advice I had my leep under GA to remove cin2 last week and after 2 days was back up A&E with cramping, smelly discharge that I could smell through my clothes aswell as a temperature and low pulse rate they put me on 2 sets of antibiotics which are making me so ill and they took a blood test and a swab just waiting on results of swab.

My question is is it normal to have bright red blood on tissue when I wipe? My hospital and doctor are useless and iam so worried that there could be something wrong?! I can’t seem to get a doctors app and the hospital I had it done at leep telling me to speak to my GP.

What would any of you recommend I am due back at work within days and feel like iam on a week long hang over due to the antibiotics.

This whole straight forward prodcured they said has been nothing but a nightmare I was throwing up after the GA So needed drugs for that aswell as a drip for dehydration I have been through so much.

Any advice about the bleeding would be brilliant :slight_smile: thankyou for taking the time to read this.


Bless you hope you start to feel better soon.

I'm having a similar problem to you.

I had a loop excision 3rd Jan for cin2 and CGIN abnormalities. They didn't get clear margins so I had the procedure done again 7th March.  Both under GA. I have been bleeding since my first op in Jan with only having about 2 weeks in total of no bleeding. After the second option I had to have antibiotics as I too had cramps and smelt down below. I gave since finished them but still bleeding bright red bloody and loosing clots and flooding. Which is horrendous. 

I went back to my doctors today and she rand gynecologist and they spoke to my specialist who wants to see me asap.

So I'm going on Friday.  All I can say is keep pestering them as you need to get sorted and to feel better. Try ringing the colposcopy clinic nd speak to a nurse. 

Gokd luck and keep me up dated 

Love Emma xx

Thanks Emma I rang them today they are awaiting my results it will be 2 weeks Wednesday since having the surgery I literally have had enough there doesn't seem to be much mental supoort after something like this. Finished the tablets finally which were awful kind of felt dizzy all the time. Noticed my discharge is now a weird mixture of colours it's like a rainbow down there one minute it's bright red/orange the next it's a weird brown colour I can't keep up not sure if the smell is normal so going back for another test to make sure the infection has cleared I need to keep on top of it. One other thing why the hell don't they give tablets as a back up for infection after treatment it's crazy a week after the hospital took my sample they call me to tell me I had caught the infection but by then I had completed the course of tablets it's crazy. I feel completely drained from this whole experience and cannot wait to have a nice hot bubble bath. 

sorry to rant just needed to get it off my chest I hope everything goes well for you keep me posted too xxx


How are you feeling now? Hope the infection is clearing.

You are right about not being much mental support after having all this stress and worry.

I saw my consultant last Friday. He was dead shocked with how much blood i was still looking. He said my cervix was healing nicely but two areas looked like they could be causing all the blood so he courtrised them. Which was horrendous. So painful.  He also gave me more antibiotics and booked me for a scan to check my womb invade I was bleeding further up. Any how he wanted to see me again today. (WED) TO SEE how I was doing and thankfully I had stopped bleeding. Finally after nearly 5 months! He was so pleased and said that he think with me having two loop ops so close together my body wasn't ready for it and took slightly longer to heal. He wants to see me in a month to see if things are still ok but to ring any time I'm worried. They have been amazing at the hospital and I've no complaints in their part.

Hope you get good results. Keep me up to date. Big hug! Thinking of you

Emma xx