Need advice on CIN1 and knife biopsy


In Jan this year I had my first colposcopy, results came back clear but the hospital wanted to repeat the biopsies due to the smear test results. The results of my second set of biopsies are shshowing CIN1 but the hospital wants to do a knife biopsy. I don't understand why as everyone else who has CIN1 seems to have a less invasive procedure. Has anyone else has this done for CIN1?

The hospital is constantly showing indecision and don't seem to know what to do.




Hi Zoey,

I had a cone biopsy for what turned out to be CIN1 a few years back--I think, for whatever reason, that my cervix looked unusual, and because I had had a smear indicating possible glandular neoplasia (so possible cancer), they decided to do a cone biopsy even though my biopsies during colposcopy were only recording low level changes. So, I had the cold knife cone biopsy fairly quickly, which confirmed CIN1, and was followed up by colposcopy for about 6 years, just to ensure things were clear. Hope this helps--waiting for the cone biopsy results was scary, but I guess better they were thorough than possibly missing something. Kristen