Need Advice from anyne as im at breaking point (children mentioned)

Hello there,

My name is Samantha, i am 23.

I got diagnosed with Poorly Differntiated Squarmous Cacinoma of The Cervix Stage 1B. At 34 weeks pregnant a mass was found,so i had an examination and they thought it was just a thicking due to pregnacy. A bit of the tissue fell off, so the Doctor sent it of for testing. Then on the 23rd of april, i was called into a room and was told. I had told have a c-section and a Radical Hysterectomy on the friday. By the friday i was 37+2days pregnant.

I also have a two year old son, and my daughter is nearly 11 weeeks old. and im slowly getting angry with everything, being a good mother is hard enough. My little boy is amazing with her, he is like a second daddy to her.


I just wanted to know, if anyone can send me suggestions on how to stay in control of my emtions.

And its starting to affect my home life now, and im so unappy about it all.  I can send my pesronal email, as its easier for me to access through my phone. Any advice from mums, or people suffering would be very much appricated.  

Samantha, I am so sorry to read your Story.

I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling, but it might be that staying in control of your emotions is too much to ask after all you have been through. You have been through so much and for many of us, letting our feelings out is a good thing to do. The trick is to find the right time and place to do it.

i would suggest seeing if you can get referred for some counselling support. If you talk to your specialist nurse, she should be able to advise you on the services available. You don't have to struggle through on your own.

in the mean time, there will be other women here who have been through similar experiences to you and I am sure they will respond to your message. Until then, take a cyber hug from me and know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you well. X

Hi Samantha,


Im very sorry that you have had to find this forum, I myself am 24 years old with 2 young children and at first I struggled to stay in control of my emotions. I am just about to finish chemoradiation and am all of a sudden terrified of what happens next and am also starting to get angry and very upset about my situation, I will be going to my gp to ask to be reffered for counciling to help me deal with the trauma of the last few months.

The way that I am dealing with things at the moment is to just take each day as it comes and by reminding myself that at least its curable and could be worst, however their is some days when i really struggle to come to terms with the fact that at 24 i am now going to be infertile, what doesnt help is when people keep saying to me at least you have 2 children. I know I am lucky to have them but its doesnt stop me grieving for the loss of my fertility.

If you need anyone to talk to feel free to message me, I hope you find something to help you deal with this horrible disease.


Laura x

Hi Samantha. I just wanted to send you a big hug. I can't imagine how you are coping but it sounds like you have been amazing so far. We all need time out to let our emotions out. I've been known to get in the car and drive round the block screaming and swearing ( with the windows up of course). It makes me feel better. I was diagnosed last month and am waiting to go for a radical hysterectomy. You will get through this and there are lots of ladies on this website who will be with you each step of the way. Young children are hard work when you are fit and well, never mind when you are going through this. I hope you have friends or family that can help you. Let me know how you get on.. Karen x



i had to put off my first smear at 25 as i was pregnant (advise from midwife) so when i had my baby i went 8 weeks later but was told you had to wait another 4 weeks as things from childbirth can give an abnormal result. So by time i had managed to get other childcare my baby was 5 months. 

Results came back week later abnormal and to attend colposcopy 2 weeks later. So oncologist went through everything (solution changing colour of cells etc) but straight away as she examined me there was a massand yes later it was confirmed cc that was quite deleloped into wall. Devestation, all i could think was my kids.


well few week later many scans done and was confirmed i had three types of cc.

all i think of is i have three kids 4,2 and a 6 month old but i will not let this effect my children so i have just got on with things. Everyone is amazed how i have done this but i just cant let it beat me. Trying best to keep things as normal like going to playgroups and having friends and family that will help with my kids when treatment starts is making it so much easier.


so my advise is be positive you can beat this, you have amazing children and in time i am sure things will settle down and life will go on as normal as can be.


good luck with everything and if you need a chin wag then just msg me. 

My treatment starts 12/08/13 and i will keep everyone updated as days go by