Need advice (children mentioned)

Hi all hers my story I had a abnormal smear so was sent for a scan I got results from my gyno she told me I had a 7cm mass above my cervix and whomb I knew it was cancer so she sent me for an emergancy MRI had that on Friday i crnt sleep eat im 27 years old with 3 children I'm terrified that I may have to say goodbye to them when will I get my results back from my MRI any advice would be great plz thank you all

Hello sweetheart,

I know that sounds really really scary but please, it may well not be nearly as scary as it sounds. I know that 7cm sounds huge but it isn't really, and it doesn't mean that it has definitely spread anywhere dangerous. I wish my doctors had told me how large mine was so I could compare, but my doctors here were trying to pretend it wasn't really cancer so that doesn't help us much. Anyway, mine was a 2b, which is quite big. I had to have a hysterectomy to remove all of the cancer, and they removed some of the surrounding lymph nodes as well to make sure that the cancer hadn't got as far as that, which luckily for me it hadn't. Afterwards, as a sort of belt-and-braces procedure I had radiotherapy and chemotherapy and brachytherapy just to make absolutely sure the cancer didn't come back. That was all three years ago now and I am as fit and healthy as anything. Yesterday I sawed down a tree all by myself!

When your results come back you will be called in to meet your team who will have discussed your case and they will explain to you what course of treatment they have decided will be best in your case. We aren't all the same and our treatments aren't all the same. You already have a family so that's a bonus. The treatment that you will have will almost certainly make you feel very tired, but it may not be very much worse than that. So try to keep positive. A cancer diagnosis is NOT a death sentence.


Be lucky


So sorry you're hear, but the good news is, so are we after all our treatments.

My cancer did not even show up on my smear, but I had a 4.3 cm mass high up in the cervix.  The type of cancer I had was Adenocarcinoma, which is less common than Squamous cell.  I was absolutelt terrified, I am the Mummy to 2 childern, who have no father and an elderly Granny that lives 160 miles away.  I assumes that I would die and my children would be left.  This was of course, not the case, they still have their Mummy and in May I will be 3 years in remission.  I got my MRI results back in about 2 weeks.  But they are not sat around for 2 weeks without the team planning what they think is the best for you.  They have MDT (multi disciplinary team) meetings, where the gynaecologist team, oncology team, nurses and radiographers will be there.  They will all have their input and plan your treatment.  The MRI will accress whether the mass has penetrated any of the wall around it, and whether it is in any other pelvic region.  Mine was endocervical, which was cervix and spreading up towards the uterus.  Mine hadn't, but because of it's size and where it was sat, a hysterectomy was not done.  I had chemoradiation, which is chemo every week for 6 weeks at the same time having radiotherapy 5 days a week.  The biggest problem for me was it wasn't at my local hospital.  I won't lie to you, chemoradiation hit me hard, but the lady that was having the same treatment, at the same time as me sailed through it.  I am on a lot of other medication, and one of those reacted with the Cisplatin chemo that I had.

You will be in utter fear at the moment, I was.  It is so easy to say, don't be, because you will be.  But, look at the statistics, you are young, it won't have been there for years and years because you have had children, presumably in the last few years and you had had smears or check ups after childbirth.  Also, the vast majority of people, and I mean vast majority, survive CC.  Did you have any other symptoms?  Bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex, loss of weight, large amounts of discharge?  Because, very advanced CC tends to show symptoms.  I had a very large amount of watery discharge, but the gp's dismissed it as I was perimenopausal and on the mini pill.  It is very difficult, but do not consult Dr Google, easier said than done, and I am very guilty of doing it myself.  They will give you statistics, and you will see, indeed they are very good, but they will also give you things that are totally irrelevant information, that you do not need to read, as it can be scary, and will give you the whole information, even the things that are not relevant to you.  Once you have been given your staging (where your mass is, size, spread etc etc) you will have an individual care plan, and only that information is relevant to you.

In the meantime keep busy, busy, busy.  Fill your days, cook, go out, watch a movie, all these things will keep your mind of things.

We all understand your fear, we've all had it, everyone diagnosed with Cancer has it.  But, cancer is very curable, and CC is very, very curable.  You are young, and that is a massive positive on your side.

Keep us updated and we will all remain positive for you.

Hugs and prayers.

Thank you for your comments it's made me feel a lot better i do have symtoms my period pain is like labour pains the blood loss is massive im Anaemic i just hate the waiting game as I have no family for support they all passed away my children are my life and I have a supportI've partner 


I just wanted to say that I am really sorry you are going through this. I hope your team will be able to give you some clarity and an idea of a plan as soon as possible. 

Thinking of you and sending all my positive vibes


hi and welcome, please try not to worry the waiting is the hardest part by far, after then its like a rollercoaster of meetings and treatment plans..! at least thats what I have found, how long do you have to go for your MRI results?

Hope you are doing ok, come here to vent, cry, laugh or whatever it is that you need to do to get you through this, we are all here xxx