Need Advice, Being told I have Cancer then another doctor saying I havent

Hi all, 

Im new here and wondered if anyone had any advice for me.

I was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer 1a1 and book to have a Cone biopsy. Then two weeks ago I was called to the hospital and explained that I had now been downgraded to CIN 3 pre cancerous. I asked them how they had got this wrong. They explained that 2 experts had diagnosed cancer and 2 pre cancerous.

Now im left in limbo, I have opted to still have the surgery to put my mind as ease as two doctors have said I do have it, but Im being made to feel guilty for having an unnecessary procedure. 

Does anyone have any advice


Hi There,

Please don't feel guilty for having the surgery, i had LLETZ in 2008 for what i was told to be CIN 2, after the procedure 2 weeks later was told i had stage 1A1 cervical cancer, was told by one doctor that they would have to do LLETZ again and do a wider loop to make sure they'd got all cancer, then was told they didn't need to do that as there was enough of a clearance margin, was told i would have to have yearly smears, all which have been negative since 2008, continued to have problems, bleeding etc told them everytime i had a smear, eventually last year i asked if i could be reffered back to Gynae, had colposcopy May last year, still was told results were normal, it wasn't untill november when after asking if i could have hysterectomy, they discovered after operation that i had stage 1B1 cervical cancer, please listen to your body and don't feel guilty, doctors are not always right as in my case, which is why i now have a medical negligence claim in

Hugs xx

Agree with the above - drs aren't always right and best to be safe than sorry


Thank both for your comments. Its so hard when the doctors are making me feel guily for going ahead with the procedure x

Doctors like to go by statistics, unless it reflects on them, i.e., financially. 50% is, in my opinion, not something anyone should try to make you feel guilty about - it is morally and ethically wrong to try to force their decision on you in this situation. They're supposed to be your team working with you. Please continue to be brave and listen to your body. 

Good Thoughts For You. Hugs,