Need advice and support please

Hi I’m 29 and yestersay after my biopsy the doctor said I had cervical cancer stage 1 b2. All this happend about 2 months ago when i reguested a smear as I started bleeing after sex and between periods. I went for a smear and the resulst came back abnormal cells cin3. I went for my colposcopy last week and as soon as she started touching my cervix with the cotton bud it bled, she tried to get a picture and the gynecolosgist pretty much said it looked like cancer. My head was all over the place. I was expecting them to say i was fine. So had my biopsy yesterday and afterwards the doctor said that my bowel and bladder were clear and everywhere surrounding my cervix to. The cancer measured at about 4cm and he has advised to start the chemo and radio therapy after Xmas. This is so much to take in. I have a loving partner and two beautiful children.We lost out first child in 2005 he was 17 weeks premature and lived for two weeks. So we are blessed to have had two children and are happy with just two. All I want is to come through this for my family sake. I’ve got an mri scan tomorrow so hoping to god it hasn’t spread further up. is there anyone out there whos had the same diagnosis as me? And had the all clear?

than you xxx


Firstly well done for going to the Dr so quickly when you first noticed the symptoms and thankfully your Dr took you seriously. 

I've done a lot of reading over the past few weeks and thankfully your stage has a high survival rate.

I know the torment you are going through.  I feel like I've been through he'll and back over the last few weeks.  

Unfortunately I got a stage 4a diagnosis and am just waiting now for my treatment plan. I'm concentrating on the fact that the Dr said it is curable  (stats say 5% but I'm thinking I'll be in that 5%).

Start getting yourself healthy now ready for any treatment you will need. Put plenty of nutrients in your body and drink plenty of water. 

Good luck with your results.  Remember you have no choice but to get through this


sorry to hear your story. You'll find enty of ladies here with similar experiences. Advise and support as you start your treatment. I was diagnosed with 1b1 in April. It was surgically managed, but all has gone well and I now pop in for 3 monthly reviews. it's a roller coaster ride but it sounds like you have a lovely family... Keep talking and We're here if you have and questions or need support 


Stay strong 

Rhi xx


Thank you so much for your support and I'm sorry to about you to its so scary isn't it I'm looking at everything so differently. The best thing we can do is beat this horrible thing and hopefully look back and smile cause we beat it!! Xxx

glad that everything is going well for you and thank you for your support xxx

Hiya :-)

I just wanted to say you're on the winning team!

Be lucky :-)

I really do hope so thank you. Xxx


Im so sorry to hear your story. I have been diagnosed stage 2 and am also due to start radiotherepy and chemo on the 5th of January. I'm 37 and have a young son. It's been difficult to stay strong especially at this time of year . I understand your concerns for your family. Stay strong and I'd  love to hear how you are progressing. 

Wishing you lots of luck . 

Claire xx


hi ladies can i ask.a couple of questions... i have serious heakth anxiety and have been having pelvis pain and discomfort for 5 months... been backwards and forwards and now he saying i should have a scan... my periods changed from.being 5 days long to between 2 and 3 days now, and there not heavy only for 1 to 2 days... i have been worried out of my mind... although i have been told that periods usually become heavier... i urinate every 2 hours .. and the pain i have had in pelvis has been in bladder region... but because i have seriously health anxiety i am thinking its spread to bladder and bowel... i have called up cancer ressearch and they said it wasnt the symptoms but me being me cant accept it... sorry to ramble on i am in a terrible bad place... thank you for reading and i hooe you ladies feel well again soon xxx

Hi Jess,

I'm not sure what you are actually asking us. Your doctor says you should go and have a scan. That's good! That way you'll find out what's going on and causing your pain and discomfort. And that is the first step on the road to recovery :-)

Be lucky :-)

hi Claire thank you for your reply. And so sorry to hear about you to. Yes very difficult Hun. going for a pet scan tomorrow but haven't received a date of when I'm starting the treatment yet. I will keep In touch and you keep in touch also let me know how you are doing!! Take care speak to you soon xx

Hi, I finished my treatment at the beginning of October for advanced CC and I am having my follow up scans this month so I should find out if th treatment has worked.

I just wanted to tell you that it is a journey that you will be going on and it's tough but you've got us for support and your family too. The last scan I had before my treatment had ended showed that my cancer had shrunk to the size of a pea! So if mine can do that at advanced you will have no problem in beating this!

Try and keep as positive as you possibly can it is hard but I promise you it will help you get through this - it did me xx

Thank you for your message and im so glad for you and you have defiantly given me a Boost!! Xxx

I'm glad xx