Need advice about clinics!!!

Hello everyone! I am looking for a clinic for the treatment of cancer. There are a lot of information on the Internet ... fortunately found your site and hope that someone tell me what clinic to choose from! Found such as Maybe someone heard about it or knows other clinics ... I would be grateful for any information! Thanks!

Hi Marietta :-)

I guess you are in Russia? Almost everybody on this forum is from Britain so I'm not sure how much help you will get in answering this particular question here. In Britain people don't really have a choice which clinic they are sent to unless they go privately which is incredibly expensive. I am in Greece where we can have a bit of choice and it's not so expensive. I hope you find somebody here who can help you but otherwise can you not ask people you know locally? Are there any cancer support charities where you can find other women who have had this and ask them what they thought about the place they were treated?

Be lucky