Need advice - 2nd opinion different

Hi all,

I would like you to provide me with some advice of what to do. My initial smear had been upgraded from moderate to severe dyskariosis during an MDT meeting. During colposcopy, the doc said it "looked like" CIN2, but she wasn't sure. Biopsies showed nothing at all. Because of the smear upgrade, I am now booked in for LLETZ. I was worried and concerned, so went to see a private doc. Smear results came back showing borderline changes only, HPV 16 present. So my question is: Should I still go for the LLETZ even though it seems my situation has improved? I keep ringing my consultant to discuss this with her, but she is not getting back to me. I would very much appreciate if you could share your thoughts and advice on this. I would really want to avoid overtreatment if possible given that I haven't got children yet, have had a previous miscarriage, and am quite anxious about the treatment aftereffects re pregnancy, etc.

Thank you very much!!!! xx

hi mine was borderline with hpv after biopsies I was cin3 so I would have colp to determine what grade ur abnormal cells are which could need treating! They won't know for sure till u have biopsies taken x

Hi Kel,

thanks for your reply. I have had biopsies taken, but they showed nothing - no cancer and no pre-cancer (no CIN). Therefore it seems surgery is the wrong option! I am a bit confused because I don't know whether there might still be something there even though the second smear showed borderline changes only and the biopsies showed nothing. I also think that overtreating would be wrong. What do you suggest I do?