Need abit of help girls :) from treatment after lletz

Hiya ladies i wonder if someone can help me , ive recently had treatment for CIN2 recieved LLetz under a general on the 17/3/14

all went well i felt abit funny afterwards and rather sore and uncomfortable im now 5 days after having it done i havent recieved any bleeding (yet) but sorry to be gross but having a lot of discharge also noticed i have a few black specks too :frowning:

unsure of what this can be but ive also noticed that i have quite a lot of stomach cramps and if i lean down to get something i feel as if im leaking :frowning: sorry again for too much info just wondered really if anyone else has had the same kind of treatment as myself and could put me in the right direction as this is all new to me and i dont really want to hound my doctors incase its nothing


Hey gemgem:) Im all very new to this and also just had LLetz on thursday, I think all the things your are experiencing are normal, I was informed that these things would happen after the treatment too, and also on my info sheet.


I have been experiencing the exact same as you, no bleeding yet, a fair bit of discharge, I havent had the black spots yet but these are just dried blood/scabs!

Hope this helps!

I wish you all the best xxx

Hiya Zoe :) 

its scary not knowing i didnt recieve alot of information of what to expect really ,  stomach cramps are still with me though and i still feel abit pants :( hope everything went well for you though 

gem x 

I have my procedure on the 1st april and i have been given a list of things i can and cant do... i looked on a website and it says not to have a bath??? im guessing there is a reason behind this.. im quite scared by it really

xx cb11

I love my soaks in the bath :( ive stuck to showers so far though i guess its because when your in the bath your lady garden is submerdged in the water so it might soften the area ? Its a bit mad though really but i guess its for the best , hope everything goes okay for you :) 


Hi GemGem,

I had my lletz sep last year under GA and had no bleeding at all but did have a watery discharge for a couple of weeks, enough that i had to wear a pad as it leaked through my clothes. It wasnt until my following period that i had any kind of bleeding but that first period after went on for around 4 weeks which i think was purely because it coincided with the kind of time the "scab" from the lletz would be coming away.  So i think what you are experiencing is quite normal. A friend of mine had it done and bled straight away so i think i got off lightly ;) Hope you feel better soon xx

Little update ... Made an appointment to see the nurse today over my concerns turned out i had a bad infection:( swabs and 2 lots of anti biotics later :( 

feeling sorry for myself :( lol x