need a waiting buddy



I went for a Colposcopy on Tuesday (23rd May) the consultant told me that my smear had shown severe grade cells so she was just going to have a closer look (i think she could tell I was very nervous) 

when she was doing the exam she said that the cells where inside my cervix and she would have to do a lletz and explained to me what that was, once it was done she told me to expect the results in 4 weeks.

It wasnt until I had left the hospital I started thinking "results" why do I need results, u said you where removing the abnormal cells, I thought that would have. been the end of it. 

Now my head is in over drive thinking of the worst case scenarios.

Is there anyone else currently waiting on lletz results? maybe want to buddy up and help each other through the wait :) 

Hi Carly, im in the same stuation. Had LLETZ on the 19th and  little lost about what is happening now. Was told i would hear about my result in a few weeks but again no idea what they're looking for.


How are you healing up?

Hi Girls,


Im in similiar situation but i have only found out about my abnormal cells results week ago. Now im waiting for.colposcopy and biopsy. As to your question what results you are waiting for now that is probably biopsy. Do you know if you had sample taken? With high grade changes they need to check how far in the cervic tissue are abnormal changes. And please dont get worry about that too much as the chances are minimal, they also need to check if there is any sign of cancer as sometimes especially in early stages they cant see it with a bare eye. And of course on the end if they got rid of all the cells. 

I have received referal letter from my private doctor which he sent to the hosital in which he specified i am asymptomatic which i believe he ment as i dont have signs of cancer but still they need to check. 

Don't get me wrong i am terrified myself, but i am trying to stay calm. I have cried my eyes out first two days, but now i cant help it....what i am grateful for...whatever the outcome is, they caught it early. 

I think we all need to surround ourself by friends. I need someone too, so i would love to be your waiting buddy

I had my colposcopy on 26th May, Dr was very positive but dread the wait! Just randomly burst into tears, so support both ways would be amazing! :) x


Funky Filly i burst into tears randomly too. It's always somewhere in the back of your mind no matter how much you try.... Todat i burst into tears after seeing a baby IN THE HIGH STREET.. Im only 26 and i didn't know i want baby so much until now...

But try to think whatever happends you caught it early. And if (and most possibly) there won't be any signs of cancer think how grateful you will be knowing you probably stopped it from ever showing up! 

I was putting away smear test assuming nothing is wrong. As i never had any problems. I only went for it by weird coincidence. In my opinion someone up there is looking out for me, and you have someone looking out for you


Hey ladies think we're all in the same boat here, had my colopscopy and biopsys taken the results came back high grade cin111 and had the lletz done 3 weeks ago this coming Tuesday(docs last week got a bad kidney infection, first time ever) the waiting is a nightmare, the results are the abnormal cells that were removed by the lletz they check it to make sure theres nothing bad and that there's good cells around it, fingers crossed it will all be ok for us all 

hey ladies :) im sure i did get a biopsy is that wnay llets is? i have heard some people have waited 8 weeks for results :(

Had my lletz procedure 27th April.  After initial colposcopy showed Cin2/3. 

Consultant was confident not cancer!! 

Awaiting results of biopsy too. 

The waiting is awful. 

Was healing well after the procedure. Had my period around 10th May a little heavier than normal and then light bleeding continued til 19th. Left it until 22 nd to have sex as leaflet given after lletz procedure said no intercourse for at least 2 weeks or til bleeding stopped. 

All was fine no pain and no bleeding.  

Another 5 days letter had intercourse again this time a little uncomfortable so stopped. 

Been  bleeding ever since! Not heavy, no pain just red blood. 

Anyone know if this is signs of an infection? I really hope not! 

Last few months have been awful as been in and out of hospital since Feb with complications after gall bladder removal. 

Only just Begining to feel better!! 

Still awaiting on results but thinking of phoning GP on Tuesday after the bank holiday. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. x

Hi fudge, I'm not too sure about that as my letter said no sex for 4 weeks after the colopscopy(and I didn't) and then had the lletz and said no sex for 4 weeks so I haven't, had a lot of problems etc kidney infection so haven't had sex in 4 months been too many things happening lol my partner is great he just wants me to get better

Hi Mandy.

Thanks hope your recovering well. 

Yes I thought originally 4 weeks but my letter said 2 weeks or when bleeding had stopped. 

It was 3 weeks before the first time which was fine. And nearly 4 till the 2nd which is when the bleeding began. 

My partner has been really supportive too. 

Think I am going to doc tomorrow to see what she says.  I can't see it being an infection as no other symptoms such as smell or pain. 


Still awaiting my results from loop. 

Hope your well and we all get good results x

its crazy to think that just a few weeks ago I had no knowledge of any this stuff, just thought you go for a routine smear and get a letter stating all is fine and thats it for anothr 3 years :0 just goes to show how we take things for granted, a few weeks ago I didnt know what a colposcopy or lletz was I never knew a thing about CIN I, II, III. its scary to think for years and years thousands and thousands of woman have been faced with how we feel just now and its not to your in the sistuation u realise something u know nothing about is so common :0

Hi all,

Just thought I would pop back and see how everyone is? Had lletz two weeks ago today and must say that the waiting is getting harder! Been avoiding google but not helping! Has anyone heard anything yet? Xx

Hi there.I've been sent to colposcopy and they done LLETZ at the same time but I'm even more confused now!!!

The smear result says only "Some cells changes are found in your test , called Dyskaryosis whitch is not uncommon , you've been refered for colposcopy".

I was so scared , I hoped I will have more info when I go for my app. Unfortunatly they told me that there is no grade here , it's just Dyskaryosis with no grade!!!!So they will do LLETZ same time.

Now I'm waiting on a results and I'm so so so woried !!!Please advise me , is it possible to be cancer