Neck trouble = panic

Hi again. I've had a sort of 'beginnings of a cold' feeling for a couple of weeks, with my neck feeling a bit stiff and my throat a bit tingly. I didn't feel it warranted mentioning when I saw the consultant, as I thought it was just a cold. I've been on holiday this week and thought relaxing would kick whatever it was out. However my neck feels tight on the right side, below my ear feels clogged and I keep getting a vicious sore throat - mostly on the right side. The underlying discomfort is always there, but the clogged feeling (sort of tingly and then numb) comes and goes. Obviously I'm now absolutely freaking out. I have my next MRI on Thursday - but this predates knowing I had another scan coming up, so it's not entirely fabricated by my brain (like so many of my other symptoms tend to be). Has anyone else had anything similar? Predictably it's worse on a Friday evening, when the surgery is shut! 

Anne x

Hiya Anne

Try not to get too worked up over the weekend and get to the dr on Monday. Its worth just getting checked out,remember my neck swelling turned out to be nothing at all. The last time I got a cold,it felt like it took a couple of weeks to actually come to a head,my throat was bugging me for days. Remember,be a positive Pauline;)x

Thanks. What is it with neck issues?! I'll see how it goes over the weekend. Xx