nearly there

sorry not been on for along time but not been well had six weeks of radio and four weeks chemo and was due to have internal radiation when i got pneumonia and had my treatment pushed back three weeks just got over that and i go in hospital today start treatment tommorrow.for all of those who are just having to deal with the news that they have cervical cancer i know its hard try to stay positive it has been along hard rosd for me i was stadge 2b but my consultant is positive that after this last lot of treatment i will be clear.good luck to all of you xx

Aww Debbie, how are you doing now? Sorry to hear you have been so poorly. Keep fighting and believe that you will soon come out the other side debbie, especially as your consultant
is positive almost there!! Well done and thanks for sharing xx

thanku for your reply i noticed that u had brachy did it hurt u when they removed them cause i could have screamed hospital down it was so painful xxx

Hi Debbie, yes I was in a lot of pain and quite traumatised if honest but you get through dont you? Are you all done now? I found brachy really tough but other ladies were fine. I also had blood clots on my lung the week later and its thought that it was this procedure and sticky blood which caused it so just be aware of how you feel and follow instincts if any chest pain or swelling in arms and legs etc. Glad you’re ok xxx

i go in today and have last treatment tommorrow ive been ok just bit pain in arm thought it might be due to treatment'it is so painful when they remove them just be so glad when its all over very emotional today how are u doing now.

Aww hope you are ok and last brachy is now over, 2nd was better than 1st! Im ok and back at work full time but a few niggles…nothing too serious though. Let js know how you are xxx

all traetment over now had last chemo on friday so just need to get well now first checkup in six weeks and scan hope u r ok our long after your treatment did u feel well enough to go back to work.

Hope all ok debi xxx

thanku all my treatment finished i am also waiting for six week check up our r u

our r u finished all treatment just waiting for six week checkup our are u xx

hi there our r u just to let u now finished all my treatment and i have my six week checkup on monday so fingers crossed l feel so well hope u are ok xxx