Nearly there!!

hi guys I just wanted let you all know that I've almost finished my treatment!!! Yay!!! After 7 months I am well and truly fed up!

ive gig 3 sessions of internal radiotherapy in sept and 2 and a half weeks left of radiotherapy and 2 more sessions of chemo!!

as most of you know I have advanced cancer so getting to this stage is massive for me as I have been dreading the words "I'm sorry there is nothing more...." For the last 7 months and I'm proud to say it's never come once - relief is not the word! It will always be over me but I've found being positive throughout has had it's benefits! I have gone through every motion possible - I am human after all but I'm getting there.

i would like to thank everyone on this forum for all your help and support throughout this journey - it goes to show that U.S. Ladies are always there for each other when needed - thank you!!!


Just found myself looking for a 'like' button. It's worrying that my conversation has been reduced to a FB Click !

thank you... You've helped me through my journey and I'm sure your openness and positivity has helped many other too xxx

That's really positive Carmel. It helps to start recognising names and stories on here. I really hope the remainder of your treatment passes as easily as it can and that there is positive news after. Xx

Hi carmel

your attitude is amazing and has really inspired me today! Glad treatment is finally drawing to a close, I hope u have something lovely planned to pamper urself.

big hugs and warm thoughts



That's great Carmel <3.  Well done you. Keep us updated. Lots of love xxxx

Brilliant Carmel! :-)

Just getting my shoes ready for your lap of honour ;-)

Stay lucky :-)

Thats great news Carmel :-)

All the best for the rest of your treatment.

Becky X


Thank you guys and thank you for your kind words.....I've had a step back as I am in hospital with an infection and high temp BUT I am still being positive xxx