Nausea and shakyness day after colposcopy?

Have any of you ladies experience nausea and shaley ness the day of and or afyer ypur colposcopy?  I had mine yesterday at 330 and have felt pretty sick since then. I didnt have any medicatipn or anesthesia ect so not sure whats going on


I had my colposcopy last friday, whilst there I had anaesthetic and lletz completed, afterwards I felt light headed and a little dizzy, the nurse explained that it was fairly common for the anaesthetic to make your heart race and therefore feel light headed.

What procedure did you have done? Could be the relief getting it 'over with' I know from receiving the dreaded letter to the day of the colposcopy I had a major headache I couldnt shift.

Did you get an information sheet? Might be worth giving them a ring if you have  concerns?

Take care

FF x

Hi, I had this after my lletz it didn't last long though. I know they inject adrenaline into the cervix to stop it bleeding and this is what caused the shackyness with me. I had to stay for around an hour after and got a cuppa and biscuits. My partner was with me and he was quite worried .it wore of the next day.



They just did the colposcopy with biopsies. Unfortunaitly they did not give me any paper work afterwards which i thought was odd. And i didnt have any medications other then pain reliever. Im on day 2 now and ive still got a nagging head ache and on again off again nausea if i wake up tommorow feeli n bad im gonna give them a ring and hopefully get answers.


could the shaking and dizziness be stress? Or anxiet? You have been through quite a traumatic procedure