Nausea and shakyness day after colposcopy?

Have any of you ladies experience nausea and shaley ness the day of and or afyer ypur colposcopy?  I had mine yesterday at 330 and have felt pretty sick since then. I didnt have any medicatipn or anesthesia ect so not sure whats going on

Hello there. Hope you are feeling better by this time, but for anyone else that stumbles across this, yes, nausea and weakness can happen with colposcopy. The cervix has a strong tie to you vagus nerve in some people (me being one of them). Overexcitement of the vagus nerve can cause nausea, dizziness, or in my case a short period of unconsciousness (fainting). I passed out during both my hysteroscopy and colposcopy. It is your body's way of saying, "nope, don't want to deal with this right now". No lasting effects from it though. Just something that can sometimes happen.