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Is there anyone on here who has undergone alternative treatments for cin3? I have been trying to heal myself for over a year now. I do not want to undergo any invasive treatments. I am losing hope. Please help.  You may find this link to a simalar post helpful. I personally don't think alternative treatments work as you need to remove the problem area before it heals itself as in the above forum post, you wouldn't leave a broken bone to be fixed by alternative medicine. Xx

Thank you so much; I have left a comment for the lady who wrote the link you suggested. I am so scared. I know I could never deal with any interventional treatment. the sheer terror of it is sending me round the twist. 

Try this one as well;

Admittedly these are being used in combination with more traditional treatments and speaking only for myself I wouldn't take the gamble, but we are all free to follow our own counsel.

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I would like to echo Tivoli's comments, the tips I posted on the other thread were for the clearing of HPV and persistent low grade, NOT the clearing of severe abnormalities. I had 2 rounds of LLETZ treatments due to the severe abnormalities returning, which shows you that they should not just be left. Of course this is your own decision but the terror you are imagining for the colposcopy and LLETZ treatment, is no worse than the smear test. I really do urge you to go for treatment or at least to continue to attend colposcopy so they can have a look and keep an eye on things. If doesn't change from CIN3, then maybe they will allow you to just keeo going for regular checks instead? I think if it doesn't resolve itself and becomes worse, what you will then be facing will be far far worse.

I think there is perhaps a reason they take the wait and see approach with lower grade abnormalities but never with high grade ones. I don't wish to sound harsh or upset you, I just hope it's not because of the terror you are imagining of LLETZ, it really is doable.

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Erika x

Hi there,

I have to agree with the others and say that I would go and have LLETZ. It's really not that bad and, as Erika says, there's a reason why they don't want to wait with CIN3. I think perhaps you should look at getting some help with your anxiety about the treatment. What is scaring you most? Maybe the lovely ladies on this forum can put your mind at rest/give you some advice. :) I know some of them have conquered sheer terror and come through it. Sending you a huge hug!

Kirsty xx


Don't leave it, or you may have to go through what I did.  6 weeks of chemoradiation and some Brachytherapy.  That would not be alternative, and it is hard going, very hard.


Just wanted to chip in here. I think you need to do the risk/benefit thing here. I think in the likeniless of scenarios it is more probable your cells will get worse without treatment than them recovering from high grade without intervention. I know you are really scared but please believe that we have all been there and had to make that leap. Some have not been so lucky and found that LLETZ was not an option and had to have far worse. Be glad that is not you, but it could potentially be down the line if you choose not follow medical advice. It may never happen but would you want to take the gamble?

Not saying I am a paragon of virtue, but I have been vegetarian for over 20 years, rarely drink (except recently!) have never smoked and try and exercise a couple of times every week. I would consider I have a pretty healthy lifestyle but still ended up at CIN3. I would not risk it and would go back for LLETZ again in a heartbeat if needed. By all means pursue any avenue you may feel will boost your overall health and immunity but I would seriously do it alongside medical treatment.

We are so fortunate to have free screening and treatment. The LLETZ is really no more uncomfortable than a smear (few quick jabs to numb the area and you feel nothing) I had mild pain for a few days followed by about 4 weeks of manageable bleeding (only 1 week was as heavy as a period, the rest was spotting and mucous). 6 weeks on today and I feel normal and so glad to be rid of those nasty cells.

Good luck with your decision. We are all here for you



I was diagnosed with cin3 in 2013 following a colposcopy. The strong recommendation was to have a lletz within the next few weeks. I declined and decided to persue natural treatment options.

I did an awful lot of research online and found a naturopath Tori Hudson N.D who has had some positive results with treatment plans she developed for cin1-3. I bought her book Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. Her plan for cin3 involves multiple escharotic treatments (local application of a natural enzyme, bromelain, to the surface of the cervix. This dissolves the top layer of cells on the cervix which are infected with and damaged from hpv), vaginal suppositories, addition of specific vitamins, and very strict diet. I followed everything to the t for 8 months... bar the escharotic treatment and not smoking. Likely the two most vital elements to achieve success.

Anyway, I didn't have the self control to give it tge best shot possible.

2 years from the initial diagnosis and I have finally chosen to have the lletz, hoping I haven't left it too late. I had a colposcopy yesterday and and the area has spread though not to a point where the drs are overly concerned. Will be having the lletz procedure within the next few weeks and following that I will be implementing Tori Hudson's cin1 treatment plan (which does not involve escharotic treatment) to give my body the best chance to heal and prevent recurrence. 

I have always swayed toward natural treatment but I feel that I would much prefer surgical intervention to other future treatments that may be required if left untreated.

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Please have the Letz!!! please please please please!!!!!!

I had a clear smear and 1 year later i had Stage 1b2 CC with a 7cm tumour.  Reoccurrence to lungs a year later.  This is your LIFE!!  please dont take unnecessary risks.  This procedure is safe and it works.

much love


Thank you both Esther and Anna for your comments. Anna am so sorry you have been through that, what a shock that it went from nothing to that in a year. I hope that you are ok now. Thank you Esther for ur advice; i was thinking of buying Tori Hudson's book on amazon. I have been doing the alkaline diet, lots of smoothies and juicing and superfood, hot/cold showers, herbal medicine and herbs douched directly onto the site itself. I'm starting to wonder how long to give it. I am getting it monitored regularly, but have yet to have biopsy and am considering this next time as i am worried it could be worse than i think; the thought of it though is making me feel completely anxious and sick beyond belief. The only problems i have had with the natural plan is that i struggle with not drinking coffee, and, in a catch-22 situation, i have terrible anxiety, but the anxiety is caused by the thought of the conventional treatment! Since looking on this site, i have become more aware of how much worse the treatment could be if i get things wrong. But i don't want to give up hope that i can heal myself. However i also have to be realistic if it stays static. I think that what you are doing is quite sensible Esther, doing both things together to maximise your chances. my problem is that apart from thinking that the natural way should work, i remain terrified of the treatments and their after-effects; also i feel that if i can't clear this holistically, it may continue to manifest itself continuously, thus resulting in multiple 'treatments'; i just want to clear it completely and know that it is gone and i have the power to stop it from coming back. Good luck Esther for getting the lletz. Out of interest, at what point did you decide to do it and not just rely on the natural way? Was it because it got worse, or because you felt you had given it enough time, or a combination of things? 


Oh ps Esther, not sure how the replies button works; i sent long reply to ur message but using the button underneath a subsequent message, but just wanted to add that i have found lots of imformation on the escharotic treatments, but it seems that they are only available in america; is that what you found? So nice to have a reply from someone who has been doing the same as me, thank you. Also wondered, did you follow the alkaline diet 80/20, or 90/10? Did you feel fed up that it has not done what you hoped it would, or do you feel more empowered that you have considerably improved your health in any case? Many thanks for your reply. I don't know anyone else in the same situation as me, who has followed the same path :)

Thank you Esther so much for your feedback; just to add that the originsl message i sent is right at the bottom of the page after Anna Sparkles x

This might interest you.

Be lucky


Thank you gonna look it up now x

Interesting article; makes me feel a bit less guilty for enjoying the odd cup of coffee :) I think they are talking more about the shop-bought smoothies, which are very sugary; i make my own at home now, fresh, with lots of greens (looks rank, tastes a bit boring, but is ok :) ) 

You're still better off consuming it the way it came out of the ground instead of whizzing the fibre out of it. And it's not 'they' he's a doctor. Somebody who has actually studied medicine and is qualified. Not some amateur herbalist from the Dark Ages.

Please don't be disrespectful; i am seeing a very well-respected and highly qualified herbalist; i have got enough stress to deal with at the moment without being bullied on this forum; if you have nothing nice to say, please don't say anything at all.

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Please stop posting rude and abusive messages Tivoli on my threads; you are not a medical expert any more than i am; closed-minded people are more in the dark ages than anyone else; i have come here for answers and help and to provide support to others if i possibly can, not to be bullied by people who think they know everything; if you find my approach to things so personally offensive, why are you posting on my thread? All i am doing is looking for answersvat a terrifying time. There is no need fir criticism or unpleasantness, and i would ask you to please not comment on my posts or to send me any more messages as you seem to just want to be rude and abusive.



I don't think that's fair ilovemydog. She has a difference of opinion and is entitled to disagree with you, just as you are entitled to persue the course of treatment you choose.

And with the absolute greatest of respect (because I really do wish you the best), please don't compare the stress and fear you are experiencing  with cin with full blown cervical cancer! I can 100% say that as someone who has has a cone biopsy, chemo radiation, 5 month of further chemo, hair loss, bladder control loss and a 15% chance of a 5 year survival that you don't know what stress is!!


I wish you all the luck in the world but Dr's do know best and I believe that's all she was trying to say.

Much love

Anna xx