Mystery lump

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! since my last post ... Back in 2012 my life  has been a roller coaster ! First a lump appeared in my lower abdomen side , which was diagnose as hernia on a X-ray performed on A& E!! 2012 October  and even had a laparoscopy to have it removed . During the operation , the surprise was - there was no hernia !! The surgeon count find what the mysterious lump was and why was I in pain due to it ?!!I however during the surgery he did some hormonal injections around the lump?! In 2013 I start having again back pains , and lower abdomen pain . I went back to my GP and I was sent for a ultrasound , which came back normal and once again I was told there is nothing in there , and was sent home with paracetamol .From 2013 to 2014 pain gradually was increasing , to the point that I wasn't able to move !! After few more trips to GP I was put on naproxen and told its a muscular pain and sometimes they don't find the cause of it ?! Tiredness started to take over to the point of been unable to stand more then 15 min without the fainting feeling , my tummy was always bloated , I was extra constipated , lump was still visible and out of 4 weeks I'll only have one or two days pain free !! I went back to GP , and I requested to be sent to a consultant in the hope that I will get the same injection as previously , so I won't be in pain anymore !! 6 months in and out of GP and finally have got a consultant appointment . When he sow me he said it's nothing , just chronic pain and he sent me for ultrasound. Everything came back normal !! So he told me he'll send me to a pain clinic to sort me out as the lump is just a previous scarring and he won't be able to fix my muscles , to get used with the idea of not been able to have the life I had before -gym , walking etc as there is nothing it can be done !!!i was put on tramadol  !! At that point I got really angry I'm only (36!!) !! So I requested an MRI !! He wasn't happy about it but had no choice ! I had the MRI and guess what ?? The pain wasn't only in my mind it wasn't only a scar tissue that was making me suffer !! On my left ovary there is a cys/mass 5x6cm ,I have endometriosis and adhesions !! My lump ... Still a mystery !! But this explain the tiredness , the nausea , the pain , the fact that I can't function properly for the past 6 months !! Now I'm waiting .... To be referred to a gynaecologist , for a 8 weeks ultrasound ...  In the main time I'm having tramadol 3 times a day and it hurts , it hurts so much and the tiredness is gross !!by the way ... My smear tests came back normal ! I still have them every 1year !