my xmas wish

Hi everyone

As everyone knows i had asked santa for a date for my op before xmas. My nightmare began back in September and misdiagnosis and waiting has become my life!!

4 months for an impatient person like me is too long for anything never mind such an important operation!

Finally today i have regained control and had to reluctantly look at having the op with the same doc privately.

Sadly money talks ! My request for op before xmas is now happening in private hospital and same doc :)) Fortunately i discovered i have insurance to cover this cost and i feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Strange the diagnosis hasn't broken me but the waiting has me at meltdown :(

Scared but releived my nightmare is moving forward at last


Have you had your op now Kath? It saddens me to hear money talks ;(

Hope you’re ok x x

Hi Lisa

It saddened me too but waiting was becoming unbearable.

It has taken so long due to being originally misdiagnosed and generally messed around by local hospital.

Iwould like to reassure ladies my case is unusual and an internal enquiry is in progress by them.

Op is now over and not as bad as i had feared, post op wind is my worst complaint!!

Feeling a bit fragile emotionally but am doing my best:)

Best wishes to all

Kath x


Whilst I didn’t have the same op as you I know how you’re feeling I terms of emotions. I was very up and down for a good few weeks after my op, try to just go with it and before long you’ll be feeling more positive.
No one will ask you to do more than your best, and I had a few little private tears when I needed to without burdening family who just want to see you well and happy. Sometimes a good cry does make you feel a bit better!
I’m thinking of you and wishing you well. You’ll come through this, and like I am now, wonder was it all just a bad dream.

X x x